Sunday, 29 March 2015


This week was very busy.

- I had the usual chores and activities.
- My Wife was away for a short holiday with her sister.
- Our son was staying with me on Monday and Tuesday. He had to work on Monday, so we only had the the evening to have a talk.
- My sister's computer screen went black. So we (my son and me) went to have a look at it. My son thought it was best to buy a new laptop. After the computer examination we drove to the Chinese restaurant for a nice dinner.
- On Wednesday I had to leave early to arrange tables and chairs for the bridge club. Later in the morning our son left to go home in Spain again. I went with my sister's laptop to our local computer shop. The screen was unrepairable and the battery had to be changed too. As it was an old laptop, they advised me to buy a new one. I got an offer and my sister agreed with it.
- I also had a few laborious tax clients.

Shortly after I returned from the Thursday bridge my Wife came in. That was very nice. In spite of being busy, I had missed Her very much.

On Friday afternoon the computer shop called to tell me the new laptop was ready. They had copied the data, contacts, bookmarks etc. from the old computer. My Wife and I decided to take the new laptop immediately to my sister, who was very surprised. I connected the printer and adjusted the browser. It was working excellently and quickly.

And yesterday I handled the last clients so I am finished now. I have to visit several clients though to return their documents. Only for 4 people who are abroad or sick I have permission to do the tax return before 1st of September.

So next week I can do my own things, hopefully.

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Last week was a bit calmer than those before. But the tax clients were more complicated. Some people have all documents ready when I come to fetch them. Then it is quick and easy. But now I have the difficult people to do. They didn't receive the usual documents, they often tell me. I don't believe them. Some people are so unorganised. Fortunately now the tax office has the needed information already on the website. We are supposed to check if they have the right information. Therefor we need the documents, bank statements etc. When the clients can't produce them, I trust the tax office. But it always is time consuming.
Some people have a list of deductible gifts. We have to check if the receiving institutions are on the list of the approved institutions.
But the end is near now. For some people I have to ask for extension of time, because they are out of the country or in hospital.
I suppose I'll get more time for my Wife and myself after next week.

Next week my Wife and her sister will enjoy a short vacation together. So for a few days I'll be the head of the household. :)

Sunday, 15 March 2015


What a week.....

I was busy with my usual things of course. There also was a meeting of the organisation of elderly people. I still feel obliged to visit those meetings as I was a member of the board years ago. I still feel a connection.
A friend of us invited my Wife and me as she had renovated her house.
And of course the taxes. The new system is consuming more time, but of course it is more likely that I am slower.
And last Friday it was my 80th birthday. We were told the electricity would be cut off from 8.00 till 12.00 for maintenance on the network. So we had told everyone not to come in the morning. But the lights went on on 9.50 already, so we had a nice calm morning together. When there was electricity again I could check my iPad and I had so many kind emails, messages etc. And they kept coming in until late that day. So kind of everyone.
Late in the afternoon our daughter arrived. We were kissing and hugging and when she stepped aside our son, who lives in Spain, was there too. A complete surprise for me, as I heard later everyone knew he was coming except me. :)
It was a great day.
And now life will be 'normal' again.
Oh, I almost forgot, my dear Wife let me serve Her this morning and She found it very pleasurable.

Sunday, 8 March 2015


It was a busy week. I am sorry I didn't have much time to read the blogs I'm interested in.

I visited many tax clients to collect the necessary documents. It was very nice to see my old ├žlients' again and have a conversation with them. I feel they consider me a friend.

At home I kept trying to to enter the tax website and finally Wednesday afternoon I succeeded and I could download the data already recorded by the tax office.  Then I could start with the tax returns.

In the past most of my clients got money returned from the tax office, but now most people have to pay. I can't help it.

This is my 'news' of last week. Next week will be mostly the same.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Last week was a lot calmer than the one before.

Apart from my weekly activities, I also visited several early tax clients. It is heart warming to see people like my yearly visit. We are catching up like old friends.

Today was the actual start of the tax season. People now can enter their own domain on the tax website. where the data already known by the tax office can be changed or completed. I tried it with the tax return of my sister and I succeeded. But as I expected now the site is down due to the massive interest. The new system is different from the old program, so people have to think more.

But I also found far away hidden on the tax website the new version of the old program. So I'll use that.

I expect a very busy week.

Sunday, 22 February 2015


It was a very exciting week for my Wife and me. First the visit and a week stay of our son and his fiancee. And of course the celebration of our anniversary. That was a wonderful evening.The restaurant only was open for our group of 26 people. The food was very nice, the service wonderful and so many guests had made speeches, poems, photo albums. It was amazing. I was very moved by the speech of our daughter, so full of love.

The visit of our son and his girlfriend was very relaxed, also because she now had the courage to speak English to me. So now we had real conversations. They now are gone and back to Spain. I suppose we will visit them later this year.

Our son's visit was very helpful for my Wife, as in the museum the computer had been repaired and delivered completely empty. Our son could install the most needed programs and data from the backup. We old people are dependent from our children for this kind of problems.

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to the couple. It had been a nice visit, but still it was nice to have the house just for the two of us. And this morning my Wife had a surprise for me, as She allowed me to serve Her orally. When we were cuddling afterwards we agreed we are such a happy couple to be together.

Sunday, 15 February 2015


The week started calmly with the usual chores and activities. Then more tax clients started to call me. I visited some of them, but postponed most appointments to the end of next week.

My Wife and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary next Tuesday. We decided to to keep it small and invited our next of kin and some intimate friends to a dinner in a nearby restaurant. Yet we are expecting 24 guests. Hopefully the flu will not spoil the game. I already thought I was caught by the flu, but it turned out to be just a cold.
Our son and his fiancee from Spain are already here. They will stay the whole week It was nice to have them around. Of course we have to take their presence in consideration and be aware not to give offence. We live in a rather small senior house.

So next week will be a busy, but hopefully a nice week with our children, family and friends.