Sunday, 24 April 2016


I don't have much to tell about last week.

I had my usual activities, two visits to the hospital and one tax client.

The dermatologist finally decided to prescribe antibiotics. They helped almost instantly against the pain in my leg. I hope it has a good influence on the ulcer too. We will see that tomorrow, as the bandage has to stay on until tomorrow.

So I am giving in to my age and enjoy my quiet and slow days.

Sunday, 17 April 2016


Compared to last months it was a quiet week.

I daily got news about the situation of our friend in Sweden. He had 3 more operations and today he even has to undergo another one. One moment he is refusing everything, food, medicines, drinks and then later he is accepting it again. It is so sad. His son and daughter-in-law are so tired too.

Apart from my usual things I had 2 appointments in hospital. The first one was with the surgeon. He told me that the removed tissue indeed was a melonoma, that completely was taken away. The second one was with the dermatologist about the ulcer on my achilles tendon. There was no improvement. It now is treated with another wound cover (foam). Until now it isn't better. Next week I have to see the dermatologist again.

My tax work almost is done. Next week 1 client and next month 2 clients who are abroad now. 

Now I have to wait for nice spring weather.

Sunday, 10 April 2016


It was calm week, but also an emotional week.

It was calm as my tax work is almost done now. I had time to make my bookkeeping up to date. Also the usual volunteer work didn't give problems.

But on the other hand it was an emotional week. Our friend in Sweden who lost his wife last year and was getting better lately, was rushed into hospital. It appeared he had a tumour on his large intestine. During the operation the removed 24 cm. It looked all very well. He was walking soon until they found secretion in his drain. He had to be operated again. Now he got a stoma. In his stomach there was a large amount of fluid. They tried to removed it with kind of a sponge. The doctor announced that he would have to under go 2 or 3 operations. The first on was last Friday. He was in a bad shape when he returned to IC. His son and daughter-in-law are exhausted.
Yesterday I got the message that our friend is giving up. He wants to end it. Today I didn't hear about him. I don't know if it is a good or a bad sign.

When it all started his son asked me to inform his friends in out village. So every day a emailed and phoned them and I had to tell the sad story.

I hope that the recovering will set in soon or that the end will by quickly.

In spite of this all, we had a nice evening yesterday. We attended together with my Wife's brother and his wife a Fado dinner in their son's restaurant. The singer and her guitarist performed between the courses. She sang so beautifully and he played so masterly. We had a nice table in front of the artists. The Portuguese food was delicious.
It was a long dinner and we were very tired when we got home finally. But we enjoyed it very much.

Sunday, 3 April 2016


I went to the hospital twice this week.
On Tuesday I saw the dermatologist, who told me to continue the treatment of the ulcer. Next appointment is on the 12th of April.
On Wednesday the suspect bubble was removed. On the 12th of April I also have an appointment with the surgeon to remove the stitches. Then the report of the pathologist will be ready, I hope.

Apart from bowls and bridge, I had a calm week. Only a few tax clients.

As my followers may have noticed, our sex life is non existent lately. I fear my Wife wants it this way. This morning, when we were cuddling, I took the liberty to kiss her breast. She let me, but then suggested we should get up. It is okay with me, as long She is happy.

Sunday, 27 March 2016


It was a busy week. Of course my usual activities, but also visits to the hospital. A few weeks ago I had a painful spot near my Achilles tendon. I tried to cure it with betadine ointment, but it got worse. So I went to my GP, who treated it with a special patch. When I returned after a week, it was worse, so he referred me to my dermatologist. He took a sample from the ulcer to find out which bacterium caused the problem. He also examined my leg and found a little bulge near the ulcer. As it is in the same area as the melanoma that was removed 11 years ago, he referred me to the surgeon. I had an appointment on Thursday. The surgeon agreed to remove it. That will happen next Wedneday.
And on Tuesday I have an appointment with my dermatologist for the ulcer.

I also discovered a tax client passed away last year. I never met the man. He was heavily handicapped and lived in kind of a care center. His wife took care of all admistrative stuff. She lived in their own house and visited her husband daily on her bicycle (about 10 km). A very strong, little lady. I'll visit her next week.

Of course we were moved by the suicide attacks in Belgium and the death of the soccer legend Johan Cruyff.

And now it is Easter. I wish my followers happy days.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


Last week I posted a day earlier as on Sunday it was my birthday and I expected visitors all day. And that was true. It was a nice day. But it also was the confirmation I am really old. During the week that feeling didn't leave me. I am tired so quickly and I need my rest in the evening.
Nevertheless it was a rather successful week, as I finished 55 tax returns. Still 11 to go, most of them laborious because of their personal circumstances.

From Tuesday morning until Thursday evening my Wife was away for a short holiday trip with her sister. It was only 3 days and I was very busy, yet I missed Her. I was happy She entered the house just when I finished dinner for both of us.

I hope we can stay together for a long time. We don't have sex anymore during the last months, but I can't miss Her.

Saturday, 12 March 2016


I suppose I won't have much time tomorrow. So I now am posting a day earlier than usually.

It was a busy week. I had my usual activities. And also the taxes. I fortunately now could log on easily.
Picking up the necessary documents from my 'clients' is very time consuming. They like my visit and always want me to drink coffee with them and have a conversation. It really is nice to visit them.

This week I finished 50 returns, not bad for an old man. And now I am tired. And tomorrow a busy day. Next week will be a bit calmer, I expect.