Sunday, 22 February 2015


It was a very exciting week for my Wife and me. First the visit and a week stay of our son and his fiancee. And of course the celebration of our anniversary. That was a wonderful evening.The restaurant only was open for our group of 26 people. The food was very nice, the service wonderful and so many guests had made speeches, poems, photo albums. It was amazing. I was very moved by the speech of our daughter, so full of love.

The visit of our son and his girlfriend was very relaxed, also because she now had the courage to speak English to me. So now we had real conversations. They now are gone and back to Spain. I suppose we will visit them later this year.

Our son's visit was very helpful for my Wife, as in the museum the computer had been repaired and delivered completely empty. Our son could install the most needed programs and data from the backup. We old people are dependent from our children for this kind of problems.

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to the couple. It had been a nice visit, but still it was nice to have the house just for the two of us. And this morning my Wife had a surprise for me, as She allowed me to serve Her orally. When we were cuddling afterwards we agreed we are such a happy couple to be together.

Sunday, 15 February 2015


The week started calmly with the usual chores and activities. Then more tax clients started to call me. I visited some of them, but postponed most appointments to the end of next week.

My Wife and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary next Tuesday. We decided to to keep it small and invited our next of kin and some intimate friends to a dinner in a nearby restaurant. Yet we are expecting 24 guests. Hopefully the flu will not spoil the game. I already thought I was caught by the flu, but it turned out to be just a cold.
Our son and his fiancee from Spain are already here. They will stay the whole week It was nice to have them around. Of course we have to take their presence in consideration and be aware not to give offence. We live in a rather small senior house.

So next week will be a busy, but hopefully a nice week with our children, family and friends.

Sunday, 8 February 2015


It was a calm week again. Some time to think.

I cannot understand why people are hating other people so much that they will rape, torture and kill. And often because of their religious ideas. And it seems to expand. It makes me afraid, not for ourselves, but for the younger people.

Although the real tax work will start on March 2nd, I already am visiting clients to gather their documents. It is great to experience the hospitality of those people who only see my twice a year, first when I come to collect the documents en then to return them with the print of the taxes. They always want me to drink coffee or tea and they always have a a lot to talk about, not only about the taxes. It is heart warming.

Yesterday evening in our conversation my Wife said that many men are selfish and go only for their own pleasure. I told Her that I love to pleasure Her and that She only have to say I can. She smiled and said: "I know". Later She told me She was enjoying the evening. This morning however She wasn't in the mood for the pleasure I had in mind.

Sunday, 1 February 2015


I don't have much to tell this week.

We had a tiring day on Tuesday. We visited the International Rotterdam Film Festival and saw 4 films. The first two we rather nice. The third was was beautiful (Loin des hommes) and the last one was boring. We left home in the morning at 08.15 and returned home at 20.45. Between the screenings we went out for a walk and a meal. I think we walked about 2 km, maybe 3 km. When we were home finally my feet were killing me.
Years ago we visited the festival on two days and then saw 5 films. Now it is one day and 4 films.

My Wife had a lot of troubles with her computer in the museum. My 'help' gave a slight improvement, but the computer has to go back to the shop. Our son had a view on it with Teamviewer and he found out that the hard disk was bad. My Wife now is using the old computer.
In the museum was a photo presentation planned yesterday. Unfortunately the lamp in the beamer was broken. So the presentation was cancelled and postponed to next Saturday.

It gave my Wife a lot of stress and as a result She didn't sleep well last night.

I went to my sister this morning to pick up some stuff for the administration and to update drivers of her laptop.

Next week I'll make my first visits to my tax clients. So that activity is starting too.

Sunday, 25 January 2015


I had a busy week, for an old man at least. I had my normal duties in the household and as a volunteer for the organisation of elderly people.

On Tuesday I attended the yearly extra training for tax helpers of the old people organisations in the tax office. It was clear the rules are more complicated as will be the computer program we have to use.

I had to travel to the supplier of my made to measure shoes. The last pair was pressing my little toe to much. It was a small correction, but it took me almost all afternoon.

My sister visited us also. She gave me an assessment of the municipal taxes 2015 for the apartment she had sold last year. So I had to send an appeal.

My Wife had serious problems with the fairly new computer in the museum. It was sent back to the supplier, but when it returned it had the same problems. The treasurer had email contact with the supplier. They replied the problem could be caused by out of date drivers. In my view they should have checked that themselves when the computer was there. Bad service. I was asked to give it a look. I could find a program that checks and replaces drivers. And indeed the computer seems to work normally now. Of course we don't know for how long. :)

In spite of being busy I took time to read the blogs I follow. I always am amazed in how many relationship spanking is part of it. We never did it and also didn't feel the need for it. But is is so nice to see that spanking can contribute to the happiness of couples.

Next week will be rather busy too with a visit to the film festival and to friends. So we old people keep moving.

Sunday, 18 January 2015


It was a a calm week, but on the other side busy too. I had my usual activities in the household and for the organisation of elderly people. But also there was a meeting of the local tax helpers to discuss the training cases.
On Thursday unexpectedly I was asked to act as the leader in the bridge club, as the real one had to see the cardiologist.

Further, my Wife and I talked about the celebration of our anniversary. We thought about a reception, but we decided to celebrate it with a dinner for our close relatives and friends. We made the reservation last Friday.

And this morning my Wife surprised me to reappear in the bedroom without her pyjamas. It was so nice to feel her soft body against mine. I worshipped her lovely breasts and nipples. After some time I went down to her pussy and tasted her juices. Soon She had a very nice orgasm. Then we cuddled for a long time. She told me She loved feeling my body. She was very relaxed and for a moment fell asleep in my arms. I kept looking at her nice face. When She woke up again She said how much She loved this. I only could agree.

Then we had to get up, as we had promised my sister to visit her. It was a very lovely Sunday morning.

Sunday, 11 January 2015


What a strange week. The terrorist actions in France were terrible. I fear it will be the start of more. Those people will consider it as a big success: three men could hold the whole country in their grip and even become 'martyrs'. I think it is an example for others. Of course I hope I am wrong.
Compared to what the victims, their relatives and the people around had to undergo my own life is so insignificant.

I don't have much to tell. It's normal life again: A few birthdays, the usual activities.

This morning we slept long. My Wife woke up after 09:00 am. I was hoping She would be in the mood for something, but She wasn't. I fear I'll have to wait until the bedroom is less cold.
During breakfast we talked. We agreed we are a happy couple for still being together. "Without you my life would be meaningless.", She said to me. I was moved. I told her I have the same feeling about Her. I hope we will stay together for a long time.