Sunday, 24 July 2016


I don't have much to tell about last week. I was ill. Blood examination showed I am suffering from a bacterial infection. The doctor prescribed an antibioticum treatment, that seems to work. I am feeling better, but still tired and short of breath.
I hate it I am causing extra work for my dear Wife. For a few days She had the change my bedlinen, as I had been sweating heavily. That too is better now.
I am sorry about this complaining post.
I hope next week will be better.

Sunday, 17 July 2016


I took it easy this week, as I still am feeling under the weather, old age decline, I suppose. Yet I helped a friend with her computer. I had my usual domestic chores too of course. But I hadn't the energy to do more than watching the Tour de France on television.

We also visited my sister and had an extended lunch in the restaurant. The move to that apartment was very good for her mentally. She has new friends and a lot to tell, even now she physically is in a bad shape.

The horrendous attack in France shocked us very much. And also the coup attempt in Turkey. So many lives ruined.

I hope next week will be better.

Sunday, 10 July 2016


Again I don't have much news about last week.

We visited a friend from my time as a member of the board of the local organisation of elderly people. I contracted her as a Cesar therapist to teach elderly people to move well. She was just 21 years. She did a wonderful job in spite of her youth. This year she will be 40 years and we still are friends. It was a nice visit.

I also had 2 appointments with the dermatologist. The first one for the half year search for melanomas. There was a suspicious little spot on my ynose. He will take some tissue from it next week, just to be sure. The other was for the wound on my leg. I think it is feeling better and it looks better and a bit smaller. The treatment will be the same. It will take a lot of time, if it will heal at all.

I was and still am a bit under the weather this week, tired and sleepy. So I am taking it easy.

Sunday, 3 July 2016


I don't have much to write about. Because some friends still are waiting for my weekly report, I am posting this.

Last Monday was the last meeting of the indoor bowls club before the summer holiday. Now all voluntary activities are on hold until September.

I helped a friend with a computer problem. I also solved a printer problem in my Wife's museum. And of course I watched the European Championships football and Wimbledon (when it wasn't raining).

The wound on my leg seems to feel a bit better. I'll see the dermatologist next Friday. I hope he agrees that there is a small progress.

Getting old now means also that my Wife isn't interested in me serving Her orally. And I certainly don't want Her to let me do it, just because I love it. So now I can serve Her by not touching Her. Fortunately in bed this morning we joked and laughed a lot.

Sunday, 26 June 2016


It was a rather busy week for me with visits to the pedicure, the G.P., the dentist, birthday party of a friend and my brother and sister in law to pick up tax documents and of course my sister. I also attended the annual meeting of our housing association.

I also had to watch the European Championships football. :)

I was irritated by the British referendum. It is stupid to let people who cannot understand what is at stake decide about such an important issue. The outcome was bad. And only 37,5% of the qualified people vote for Brexit.

Tomorrow is the last game of indoor bowls this season. We start again on September 5th.

The ulcer on my leg seems to feel a bit better, less sensitive. I am glad anyway it isn't to much hindering me in my daily life.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


For this old man it was a rather busy week. Every day an activity or an appointment:

Indoor bowls; concert by 4 singers and a pianist for our new local association for elderly people ( awonderful concert by the way); hospital for veins examination twice and dermatologist.
The result of the examination was that the veins in my legs are those of a young man. That is good news of course, but is not a result to solve the problem of the ulcer. The dermatologist prescribed another treatment with prednisolon: 3 days 6 pills, then 3 days 5 pills etc. I have an appointment in 3 weeks again

The best appointment was with an internet friend in a real life meeting. We met once before months ago for the first time. We had to get used to each other. Now it was meeting my best friend. We had a great conversation and we hope to do it again in the near future.

I am very glad I have internet access.

I remember I got an internet subscription when many years ago our daughter moved to Berlin. It was just the telephone connection. And I thought it was nice to be able to communicate with her, but I was sure I wouldn't use it for anything else. And I was so wrong. Very soon I discovered the ways to communicate with other people, to find information. And in cyber space I met so many wonderful people. Some of them became real friends although we never met in real life.

So I have reasons enough to be thankful: Lovely Wife, nice children, nice senior house, no financial problems and many friends in real life and on the internet.

Sunday, 12 June 2016


It now really was a calm week and there isn't much to tell.

Now the bridge club is on holiday, I now only had indoor bowls and my shopping etc. The only exception was on Thursday. Then I had to attend the cremation ceremony of tax client, a lovely lady.

My leg seems a very little bit better, but I can't say it really is healing. Next week Wednesday the varicose veins examination and the result on Friday next. Then I will see the dermatologist too.

I cannot say I am feeling ill, but my energy level is very low at the moment.

That's all for this week.