Sunday, 19 October 2014


I don't have much to tell about last week.

I took it easy again. I seem to have less energy lately.

The weather in Holland was more summer than autumn. It was very nice.

I visited my sister this morning. She had a bad week health wise. Her back was more or less locked. She hardly could move and she had so much pain. Her stepson and his little daughter were visiting her when it happened. They could help her a bit. Next day she phoned her GP. He wanted to visit her but he warned her he couldn't anything for her. Only more paracetamol and cannabis tea. Fortunately it went better during the week.
Next week is her 78th birthday. She doesn't want a big celebration. So my Wife wile pick her up in the morning (I have to go to the bridge club). She wants to do some shopping and my Wife can drive her to the shops. Then we will have lunch in our house and in the evening we will have dinner in her favourite Chinese restaurant.

My Wife wasn't in the mood for sex this morning, but we cuddled for some time. That always is exciting to me. It is strange: My penis didn't have a real erection for almost 20 years now but still doesn't understand it is useless. It still is producing lots of precum. Quite embarrassing. My Wife is smiling when She notices it.

Sunday, 12 October 2014


It was a relatively calm week, which was fine. My Wife and I both still felt the travel fatigue of last week. We both took it easy. We of course had our usual activities. We also visited my sister who is feeling a little bit better, although still in a bad shape.

The organisation of elderly people, where I was a member of the board years ago, organised a gathering. My Wife, her friend (my bridge partner) and I went to see it. It was a performance of a Russian-Ukraine dance group/choir/orchestra. They were all living in The Netherlands, some married to Dutch partners. It was a wonderful performance. They all were wearing beautiful costumes. They sang and danced very moving. The musicians played well. We enjoyed the performance very much. It proved that Russian and Ukraine people can live together and be friends. I hope the leaders of these countries will understand that too.

This morning my Wife had a nice surprise for me. She wasn't wearing her pyjama jacket and after some cuddling She allowed me to fondle and kiss her breasts and even to serve her pussy orally. It is so exciting to see her having a nice orgasm. I loved it to smell and taste her lovely pussy.

So our Sunday morning was a lovely one.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


It was a special week.

My Wife and I visited our friends in Sweden. It was a short journey: from Tuesday till Friday. Our friends thought it was too short, but we like it to be at home.
We flew from Amsterdam to Oslo, where we rented a car. After a drive of 3½ hours we arrived. Our friends were happy to see us, just like their dog and their cat.
As to the weather we were very lucky. It was very sunny and it made our drive very nice.

Our friends emigrated  some years ago to Sweden to live in a house next to their son's. So we had a lot to talk about what happened in our village and people they know.

On Wednesday our friends took us for a trip in the surroundings. The weather again was beautiful.

Thursday was our friend's birthday. He now is 76 years old. We had a nice birthday dinner. Our friend's son, his wife and daughter were present too. So it was quite a nice evening.

Friday it was time to return home. Both airports were very busy and we had to walk a lot, which was rather difficult for me. I have bad feet. Anyway when we arrived home we were tired and sweaty. But after a shower and some rest in our own reclining chair we were feeling much better.

Yesterday life was normal again. We got a phone call from our daughter who wanted us to visit her today. And we gladly did so.

All together it was a very active week for those old people.

Sunday, 28 September 2014


It was a quiet week. Yet I was tired. It must be my age, that makes me feel tired.

I also was thinking back about how I was years ago. So much has changed. I had a checking appointment with my dermatologist. When I was looking for my appointment card for that hospital, I came across an old one. It was about my prostate operations. I realised it was almost 20 years since my last ejaculation and 18 years since my last proper erection. After such a long time I don't really miss them any more. On the contrary our sex  life, that now is diminishing, got much better, as my Wife finally accepted my oral and manual services without feelings of guilt.

I was furthermore thinking of all the organisations I was involved with when I was out of work, like the organisation of elderly people, neighbourhood team for the municipality, the local radio, the clients supervisory board of our care centre etc. When I compare what I did  with my present activity, I only can conclude that I now really am an old man.
I am not complaining about it. I still have a good and nice life. We live in a small but comfortable house. We are managing financially. We have good contact with our children, who are doing well.

So I am happy, but I realise that the end is coming in sight. Therefor my Wife and I live according to our motto 'carpe diem'.

I also noticed I was blogging for 7 years already. And I am thankful for the many nice people I have met in blogland. Some of them became special friends.

So this post is written by a happy (old) man.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


This week was again a calm one. I had my usual activities, but also a farewell dinner for the editors of the magazines of the 2 care centres in our municipality. Both bimonthly magazines are ended because of the cuts in the care. They now are replaced by a monthly newsletter.

Anyway the location manager wanted to say goodbye to us with a dinner. To my surprise it was a very nice dinner. The company was nice and as the weather was excellent we could sit outside on the terrace, fortunately in the shadow. The quality was really good too. So it was a nice goodbye. I now will stay as a volunteer when they really need me. I don't want new weekly obligations.

So it was a nice week. But yesterday I got a real surprise. My Wife hadn't shown any interest in sexual activity for weeks. I had heard Her getting out of the bed in the night to use the toilet. I was very sleepy, so I didn't open my eyes. When we woke up in the morning, I turned to Her and saw that She wasn't wearing her pyjama top. I carefully kissed her breasts, but She allowed me full access to them. I licked and sucked her nipples and massaged her lovely soft breasts. My Wife took my balls in her hand. It was a firm grip, even a bit painful. I loved it. It made me feel owned and very submissive. And She seemed to enjoy it too. While She was squeezing my balls I kept sucking her nipples. Then She let go, turned on her back and removed the knickers She still was wearing. It was an invitation to pleasure her pussy. It already was very wet and soon She had a lovely orgasm. It is such a lovely and fulfilling feeling to feel Her shocking.

When She had recovered we lied down against each other for a long time, enjoying the feeling of our naked bodies against each other. I told Her I was a very happy hubby. She told me She was a very happy Wife
We cuddled for a long time, but in the end we had to get up.

This morning was less eventful, but we again lied down as a happy couple.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


For us, old people, it was a busy week. Every day there was something in our diary: the usual activities, but also doctor's visit, a gathering of the organisation of elderly people (a very nice photo presentation about the Veluwe, a well known nature area in the Netherlands), a long promised visit to an old friend.

But Friday was empty. I just started to clean my laptop, delete old email messages, old other files etc., when my Wife called me from her museum. She had problems with the museum laptop. I went to the museum and decided to take the laptop home to try the get it working again. Because of the new computer in the museum, the network was changed. I don't know, because I wasn't involved in the purchase and installation of the new computer. Anyway the internet connection was gone, so my Wife couldn't install updates. I spent the rest of the day on that laptop, but in the end it was working correctly. I also had installed the updates. But it took me almost all day.

So I had planned the work on my own laptop yesterday afternoon. In the morning I was shopping. I just wanted to go upstairs after lunch when my brother-in-law entered. We are getting along very well since he and my Wife's sister live only one house away in the same block It was nice to talk with him. When he left I just had time to cook dinner (nasi goreng).

This morning we slept longish. When my Wife woke up we cuddled, laughed and talked. She has such a nice sense of humour. We talked about our approaching anniversary in February. We haven't decided if and how we will celebrate it. But the best part of our conversation was that again She told me She was happy to be married to me. And I kept telling Her I am the lucky guy.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


It was the first normal week after the summer holidays. Our usual activities started again. So almost every day there was something: indoor bowls, bridge (2x), appointment with our dentist, birthday visit, visit to my sister to adjust the new mediabox and my Wife's museum.
My sister was happy with the new mediabox. She again can record and watch her favourite programs. It was clear the the first mediabox wasn't working correctly from the start. Now it is OK.

It must be my age, but every day I was tired. Or perhaps I have to get used again to be active.

There is not much news to tell. The weather is fine. We are enjoying ourselves. My Wife isn't interested in sexual satisfaction obviously. During our marriage She never was very eager, so She isn't needing it. But this morning in bed She told me She was happy to be married to me. So I am happy too.