Sunday, 19 June 2016


For this old man it was a rather busy week. Every day an activity or an appointment:

Indoor bowls; concert by 4 singers and a pianist for our new local association for elderly people ( awonderful concert by the way); hospital for veins examination twice and dermatologist.
The result of the examination was that the veins in my legs are those of a young man. That is good news of course, but is not a result to solve the problem of the ulcer. The dermatologist prescribed another treatment with prednisolon: 3 days 6 pills, then 3 days 5 pills etc. I have an appointment in 3 weeks again

The best appointment was with an internet friend in a real life meeting. We met once before months ago for the first time. We had to get used to each other. Now it was meeting my best friend. We had a great conversation and we hope to do it again in the near future.

I am very glad I have internet access.

I remember I got an internet subscription when many years ago our daughter moved to Berlin. It was just the telephone connection. And I thought it was nice to be able to communicate with her, but I was sure I wouldn't use it for anything else. And I was so wrong. Very soon I discovered the ways to communicate with other people, to find information. And in cyber space I met so many wonderful people. Some of them became real friends although we never met in real life.

So I have reasons enough to be thankful: Lovely Wife, nice children, nice senior house, no financial problems and many friends in real life and on the internet.

Sunday, 12 June 2016


It now really was a calm week and there isn't much to tell.

Now the bridge club is on holiday, I now only had indoor bowls and my shopping etc. The only exception was on Thursday. Then I had to attend the cremation ceremony of tax client, a lovely lady.

My leg seems a very little bit better, but I can't say it really is healing. Next week Wednesday the varicose veins examination and the result on Friday next. Then I will see the dermatologist too.

I cannot say I am feeling ill, but my energy level is very low at the moment.

That's all for this week.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


It was a very quiet week for me. Only my usual chores.

And a visit to the hospital. I brought the appointment forward, as the medication did cause any sign of healing. The dermatologist wanted the opinion of a surgeon. She too had no solution. She wants an examination of my legs for varicose veins. That will take place on June 15th and I'll hear the result on June 17th. After my visit to the surgeon I have an appointment with my dermatologist.

That is my news of last week.

This morning in bed we cuddled a bit. My Wife was half asleep and I was watching her lovely face. I was thinking how lucky and happy I am to be married to such a lovely woman. I am so happy She stayed and stays with me in spite of all my shortcomings and problems. I am such a drama queen with all my operations etc: toes of both feet, eyes, prostate twice, melanomas trice, sleep apnoea, sexual inadequacy. I am sure I am forgetting something.

Of course I really try to serve Her well and She is appreciating that. She never complains.

So I may have had and still have many problems, in fact I am a very lucky old man.

I wish my readers a very nice week.

Sunday, 29 May 2016


It was a good week.

In spite of the wound on my leg I could carry out my usual chores and tasks.

Last Tuesday I saw my dermatologist. Our daughter, who shared a picture of my leg with a friend, also a dermatologist, forwarded me an email in which her friend stated she couldn't diagnose the case from a picture, but she certainly wouldn't rule out pyoderma gangrenosum. I told my own dermatologist and he agreed. So now it is treated as such. We start with a three week treatment with prednison. I started with 6 pills a day for 3 days, then 3 days 5 pills etc. I am a bit optimistic, as my leg is feeling more normal now.

I am getting more time as the bridge club this week started the summer holiday.

This morning, when we woke up, we cuddled as usual. Then my dear Wife gave me the opportunity to caress her lovely breasts and later her pussy. Of course I ended giving Her my oral service. She had a great orgasm. She was happy and I even was happier. I love to serve Her this way.

I am a thankful and happy sub husband.

Sunday, 22 May 2016


I don't have much to write about.

Indoor bowls - I learned this week it also is called carpet bowls - was cancelled because Monday was a public holiday. So I only had bridge on Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday I had the examination of the blood vessels in my legs. According to the technician it was alright. Next Tuesday I will be officially informed by the dermatologist. In itself it s good news of course, but there is nothing found why the wound isn't closing

I am glad however with my new shoes I can function almost as usual.

When I was done in the hospital my Wife and I visited my sister. She was happy to see us and insisted we should have lunch in the restaurant. I admire her for her good mood, while she is in pain constantly. She is breaking a lot of cups and glasses, as she can hold them in her hands. But as long as she can manage herself she doesn't want daily domestic help. A friend of her, who was her home care worker years ago and now her friend, is helping her with the bigger tasks.

Yesterday I had to cook dinner, as usual on Saturday. My Wife wanted home made pizza. She liked the pizza I had made very much. It is a big satisfaction for me, when She enjoys it.
And this morning I was rewarded. I was asleep when She got up to go to the bathroom. When She returned I woke up. We cuddled and I found out She had left her panty in the bathroom. She encouraged me to caress her breasts. I loved it. When I wanted to feel her pussy, I found out she was clean shaven. Such a surprise. And a big reassurance for me. I was wrong in my reply to Lily's comment last week. I ended up giving Her oral service until She had a nice orgasm.
So a beautiful start of the day. I am a happy hubby.

Sunday, 15 May 2016


I realise my blog has turned in a real old man's blog. Not. much is happening. Every week the same activities. Hardly any sexuality.
Monday wasmy Wife's birthday. The visitors arrived spread over the day. My Wife insisted that I. wentt to indooor bowls.
On. Thursday the dermatologist told me the biopsy was alright.I havetocontinue withthe same ointmen.There. is an appointment in the hospital for a loodvvessel examination. I will her the result on the 24th of May.So it isn't overjet.
Friday I went to the funeral service of a former colleague. member of the board of the former organisation of elderly people. He was 88 years.
Our son and his girlfriend enjoyed the week in Holland. They left us yesterday and went for the last. night to our daughter.
That was myweek.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Looking in my diary, I see last week was almost empty.
Monday indoor bowls, Tuesday hospital for the biopsy - I hear the result next Thursday - wednesday bridge. Occasionally some shopping and that's all.

It makes me a lazy old man, as I couldn't set myself to clear my desk and my computers.

I enjoyed my free time. And I enjoyed more: Thursday, Liberation Day and Ascension Day, my dear Wife let me caress, kiss and suck her lovely breasts and even her delicious pussy until She had a very nice orgasm. That made me so happy.

And I have more nice news. Tomorrow is my Wife's birthday. Yesterday our son announced he and his girlfriend will visit us and stay the whole week. Our daughter is coming today too, as she can't visit us tomorrow.
Since the children left primary school, we didn.'t celebrate Mother's Day any more, nor Father's Day by the way, but now they are visiting us it is a real Mother's Day for my Wife.

So all together a good week.