Sunday, 27 July 2014


Again I didn't do very much this week except on Monday.

That day I visited my sister to install a new answering machine, to clean up her laptop and to write a simple manual for her television. We hoped she would receive the authorisation form from the notary who would do the transfer of her apartment to the buyer. When it wasn't in the post I called this notary (in the East of our country). He told me he had informed the estate agent that there was a delay as to transfer the part of the parking garage he needed wait for permission of the municipality. So the transfer that was planned for last Friday was postponed. My sister was disappointed and I was tired too.

The other day I got a call from the estate agent who told me that the notary very late had asked for the needed permission. Fortunately the buyer didn't mind, he told me. I hope he is right.

Anyway for the rest of the week I only did my usual chores, solved a computer problem in the museum and for the rest I took it easy. I watched a lot of television. There were constantly broadcasting about the air plane crash and the massive morning. It was impressive who the people was united, but in the end it was irritating to me. There hardly was attention for the crash in Mali with also many victims, or all the victims in Gaza. 

To distract my mind I also watched a lot of the Tour de France for the 2nd time in my life. The first time was when I had to rest after an operation on my foot many years ago. In other years I always was busy with something, work or voluntary work.

I didn't do much else because the weather was too hot and sweaty for me.

We slept well fortunately and this morning we even cuddled for some time, but that was all today. It was nice though.

Next week the weather seems to be better for us. They expect nice summer weather with temperatures of 22 degrees.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


What a week this was. So much violence causing so much grief. The Malaysian air plane crash, Gaza, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and all violence that we are used to and isn't mentioned anymore in the journals.

I detest the attitude of the separatists in Ukraine who make it impossible to recover the bodies of the victims and the personal belongings. They also prevent good research about the the cause of the crash. For the relatives of the victims it is an extra torture.

I keep thinking of all this sorrow.

Of course I try to distract my mind by doing other things like watching the Tour de France. But is doesn't help much.

Also we have a heat wave (to Dutch standards of course). So I follow the advice of the wise people who tell us that old people have to take it easy and drink a lot of water.

I hope next week I can make a more optimistic post.

Sunday, 13 July 2014


It was a nice week. I wanted to take it easy, but Monday afternoon my Wife told me She wanted to paper the wall in our attic where we have our office. I had to clear all shelves, take off the rails etc. It also meant to disconnect our computers, printers, , radio, CD-players, lamps etc. But it was an opportunity to clear a lot of unused stuff too. It took me all Tuesday to get my stuff away. I was very tired and hardly could keep my eyes open during the football match.

Next day I helped Her by taking care of the electricity etc. Before lunch She the papering was ready and after lunch I could built up everything again. I must admit it is much better now. More room too, because we have done away with a lot of stuff. Nevertheless I was very tired when I was ready. And then Holland lost against Argentina.

During the rest of the week it was quieter, just my shopping and yesterday She wanted me to cook, although She was at home as the museum is closed now. I made salty tart which She liked very much. "You are a fine tart baker", She said (in Dutch of course and I don;t know if it is a correct translation). It was a nice Saturday and moreover Holland beat Brasil.

And this morning She again surprised me. She woke my up completely naked. We cuddled for a long time and made love in our old age way, but it was so nice and full of love. Writing this I get the same feeling of happiness. I am such a lucky guy. I hope my readers have or had such a nice wake up too.

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Again we had a rather uneventful week. Almost all activities of our organisation for elderly people, ANBO, are on halt now. So I had time to clean and update my computer a bit. I still have files from the time I was a member of the board of ANBO more than 9 years ago. Looking at those files costs a lot of time, when you start reading them. The same with photos. So in the end the result was poor. :)

I also spent a lot of time in front of the television to watch the World Championships football. I should be happy for the Dutch team as they reached the semifinals, but I don't like the way they got that result. Not only they didn't play good football, but they won several matches with help of the referee. Nevertheless most Dutch people don't care as long as they win. But I don't like it.

Unfortunately I can't write about sexual activity. My Wife isn't interested, but I keep hoping. Maybe next Sunday.

Sunday, 29 June 2014


This week again was a rather calm week. As my sister-in-law, my Wife's bike mate, is on holiday I've joined her on a bike trip. It was a nice trip. I had  some meetings to attend and for the rest I was watching football and tennis.

As not much happened I took my time to read my paper and to think.

I have so many reasons to be grateful:
- I am married to such a lovely and caring Wife.
- I have many friends and good acquaintances through my volunteer work.
- I am in a reasonable good health.
- We have a rather small income but we are managing very well.
- Through this blog community I have met so many kind people and even made real friends.

So I can say: I am a happy man.

Sunday, 22 June 2014


It was a 'normal' week, apart from watching the world championships football. Most matches were disappointing. The Dutch team played well during the 2nd half of the first match. They won the 2nd match with some fortune. I don't watch all matches, as my Wife isn't interested. So we watch the few programs She likes. When I really am interested I can watch the game on my iPad.

We visited my sister last Thursday. The painkillers her doctor wants to prescribe have bad side effects on her. So now she only can use Paracetamol. Our visit did cheer her up though. It is all we can do for her.

This morning my Wife made me very happy by allowing me to serve Her orally. She got up to use the toilet and asked me if I wanted Her to return to the bed. I of course replied I would love it, but only when She herself wanted it too for Herself and not for me. "That goes without saying.", She said. When She returned I could enjoy her lovely body. She too was excited. In the end I licked her pussy and She had a strong orgasm.
We were cuddling for some time until it was time to get up. I was glad She didn't try to please me by touching my genitals. It showed me She really wanted it for Herself.
I love Her.

Sunday, 15 June 2014


It was a rather dull week again. I can also describe it more friendly as a peaceful and calm week. :)

I didn't have my usual activities. The bridge club has stopped until September and because Monday was a public holiday the indoor bowls was cancelled too.

I was lazy, partly because there was a lot of sport to watch on television: World championships hockey, Queens tennis tournament and the start of the world championships football. The letter turned out to be a sensation for our country. Totally unexpected our team defeated Spain. We all enjoyed that, even my Wife, who isn't interested in football. And our son who is over from Spain this week was watching too. He had mixed feelings as his Spanish girlfriend sent him sad messages on his phone.

Apart from an interview with one of the inhabitants of our care centre for the internal magazine I didn't do much. So you can call me a lazy old man.

Next week will be busier, although not to much fortunately.