Sunday, 14 February 2016


I was shocked by the train accident in Germany. It is terrible for the dead and the wounded and their relatives, but I also pity the employee who made the fatal mistake. His or her life is devastated. Horrible.

I am getting busier now the tax season is nearer. Several clients called me to pick up the necessary documents. They also want to talk. Some need help to handle the digital message exchange by the government. So it is time consuming, but satisfying.

My day today started wonderfully. My dear Wife and I cuddled for a long time when She returned from the bathroom. We both realised how lucky we are to be still together. And yes, She allowed me to serve Her to a nice, calm orgasm. Then we cuddled even more. We are a happy couple.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


My Wife and I had a busy week again.

My Wife had and still has serious problems with the internet provider of the museum. They made changes on the server and now She can't upload files to the website in spite of hours on the telephone. Tomorrow hopefully our local computer shop can solve the problem.

I of course had my usual commitments. On Monday we had also had the cremation ceremony. On Tuesday was the extra training in the tax office. Furthermore several tax clients called me to collect the documents for their tax return.

On Friday we went to the film festival again. We watched 3 films, no master pieces, but very entertaining.

So yesterday we both were tired. I took it easy, just some shopping. And my Wife had to go to the museum. So I cooked a simple pasta dinner. We enjoyed a relaxing Saturday evening in our reclining chairs, watching television and reading the paper.

It was a tiring but satisfactory week.

Sunday, 31 January 2016


It was a unusual week.

During our indoor bowls activity on Monday I heard one of the old members from the first hour (20 years now) was in a very bad shape. And Tuesday it was confirmed she passed away. She was 84 years old. Tomorrow I am attending te cremation ceremony, I hope with other members of our club.

Apart from my other activities and chores my Wife and I visited the International Film Festival Rotterdam on Friday. Three films.
The first one was a good one, Francofonia, about the history of the Louvre museum during the German occupation.
The second one, La Casa, consisted of a few episodes of an Argentine serial about inhabitants of a house during the years. Not too bad, but very long.
The third one, Actor Martinez, announced is a humoristic film with hilarious scenes, appeared very boring. When my Wife fell asleep, I asked Her if it wasn't better to go home and She agreed.
Nevertheless it was a nice day.
The good news is that we are going again next Friday.

We took it easy during this weekend.

Next week will be busy as we both have activities every day. I an going to the tax office next Tuesday for the yearly training. We have to bring our own laptops as now we have to fill in the tax returns directly in the computer of the tax office. We will see if it is working correctly.

Sunday, 24 January 2016


For this old man it was a busy week. Every day an activity and my usual chores. And that is enough for me nowadays. I have to accept that.
Nevertheless we have bought tickets for the International Film Festival Rotterdam: Three films on next Friday and three on Friday 5th of February. Other years we chose 4 films, but we want to be at home earlier now.
Today we visited my sister and had lunch with her in the restaurant in the building. It was nice and my sister was in a good mood.
So all together I am thankful for the good things in our life.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


This week I took it easy. Of course I had my usual chores and volunteer activities and I studied the new tax program etc. but I also was rather lazy. I watched snooker on the BBC, read my paper etc.

The new local organisation for elderly people seems to be a success. Without much publicity they have over 300 members already. There still are some formalities to fulfil before they can try to reach the public.

I visited my sister in the first half of the week. She seems to feel a bit better fortunately. And as she has the same pedicure as I, she visited us last Friday. I am glad she was in a good mood.

While I was laze watching snooker my Wife was busy in the museum. Every drawer She opens gives Her more work. I am glad She loves it nevertheless.

This morning we slept long. When I woke up I kept as quiet as possible. I didn't want to disturb Her of course. She loves it to sleep. In the end She woke up and we cuddled and laughed. After some time She wanted to get up to use the bathroom. "Shall I take a shower right away or shall I return?", She asked with a smile. "I hope you'll do what you want yourself, but I hope you'll return of course.", I replied. And She returned and allowed me to make love to Her in my humble way. She had a nice, strong orgasm.

Afterwards we cuddled more and She told me She loved what I had done. And I told her I am a very happy appy.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


I don't have much to tell about this week. At least not about any sexual experience. My dear Wife wasn't in the mood. Sometimes I doubt if She ever really is in the mood for it. Then I fear She lets me serve Her just to please me. But She also gets her orgasm when She lets me serve Her.
So I suppose it is best to wait until She invites me.

In other respects it was a busy week. The activities for the elderly people now are continued by a new local organisation. For the new season I had to change the spreadsheets. The bridge club got several new members. So more tables and chairs had to be put in place and returned after the game. Fortunately I got help.

We also had some birthday visits to do. Not too good for our weight. Today the last one of this month.

My sister's health is getting worse. She now also has problems with her eyesight. She got a new GP, who wanted her blood examined thoroughly. All values were not good. She decided not the give my sister new medication. In stead she advised her to take enough rest, to eat regularly and to put herself first. My sister is inclined to please other people even when it is actually to much for herself. In 6 weeks the same blood tests have to be done.
My sister is very happy with the new doctor. I hope it will contribute being her well being.

Next week I have to look into the new tax season. There are several big changes in the way the tax returns have to be made directly in the computer of the tax office. We have a simulation program to try it, but that isn't working well. Any way it will keep me busy.

Sunday, 3 January 2016


It was a busy 2nd half of last week, although for the first time in many years we didn't have guests on New Year's Eve. My Wife and I liked it to celebrate the change of the year together. It was a very pleasant evening.
The wake up on New Year was lovely. We cuddled and talked and then my Wife wanted me to serve Her orally and manually. It was great to start the year with a very nice orgasm for Her.

On Saturday we visited my sister and today our former sister-in-law and her partner, who both celebrated their birthday.

And tomorrow the ordinary life with the usual activities and chores is starting again.