Sunday, 30 August 2015


My last calm week. Only my household chores. For the rest I was lazy again. 

My Wife was busy in her museum arranging the last things for the new exposition. She asked me to go with Her to a presentation about the photo program She is using.  It was interesting and maybe I can help Her when the new version will arrive.

And yesterday we wanted to visit her former boss of many years ago. She an I are still befriended with him. His partner celebrated her 65th birthday yesterday and we were invited. Unfortunately we got in a very lengthy traffic jam. As inexperienced drivers on Saturdays, the day many road works are taking place, we hadn't checked if our route was infected. But it was and also there had been an accident. All together it was more than an hour and we were sent to another, much longer route. So my Wife decided to go home. It was a long trip to nowhere. Fortunately I had prepared dinner, so I could serve it soon to my Wife.

Several friends and acquaintances in our age group are seriously ill. It makes us think and also be thankful for being together in reasonable health.

After the busy week for my Wife She was still tired when we woke up this morning. She wasn't in the mood for my sexual service. As I love her orgasms, I am hoping for next Sunday.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Again it was a calm week for me. So this will be a short post.

Our brother-in-law's radiation is postponed, because the scan wasn't clear enough. Now the exact place needs to be marked through his groin. And for this there is a waiting list. So he has to wait until he gets a phone call from the hospital.

Last Friday we visited my sister. Since she stopped taking Tramadol, she is feeling better. She was in a better spirit, fortunately.

Our Sunday started wonderfully. We cuddled after waking up. Then my Wife started to fondle my penis and balls. Although I can't reach an orgasm, I loved it. While She was doing this, She allowed me to suck and caress her nipples. Then I could caress her pussy. I licked Her to a nice orgasm. I am thankful I can give Her those orgasms. Of course we also cuddled for some time afterwards as a very happy couple.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


Again it was a really lazy week for me. I of course did mu usual things in the household, shopping, making the beds, preparing breakfast, washing up etc. But that took  not very much time. I spent my days reading the paper, playing WordFeud with my Wife, our daughter and son and an internet friend. I even am reading a paper book. I also read interesting blogs on my iPad.
I know I should work on my laptop to get rid of the BSOD nuisance. Every morning I tell myself to work on it, but suddenly it is late in the day.
One of my blog friends, with whom I am emailing, told me to enjoy to be able to be lazy, as I have worked hard all my life. I know he is right and yet I feel guilty. I have to learn a lot in my old days apparently.

My brother-in-law got the relatively good news, that the bad spot will be removed by 3 heavy radiation, 3 days in a row. The doctors are sure it will be gone then. Next week they will make the preparations and hopefully the treatment will start soon after that.

My sister's medication with Tramadol, that seemed to work well in low doses, appeared to be a failure. She got very sick, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, stomach aches. And she had to clean the bed with her sick body. She stopped with it now radically. She prefers the 'normal' pain with only paracetamol as painkillers. I am sorry for her and I can't do any thing. Only helping with a computer problem or some shopping.

This morning my Wife woke up at 07:30. I woke up too of course. As always on Sunday mornings I took off my mask and turn to Her. We cuddled and She fell asleep almost immediately. It remembered me of the old days before I wore an apnoea mask in bed. When She couldn't sleep then, She used to cuddle up against me and fall asleep soon. It happened again. I didn't move, as I didn't want to disturb her sleep. It was a bit painful as my left hip started to hurt. I didn't harm me to suffer a bit to let my Wife do what She likes very much: sleep. She woke up at 08:45. She was happy. She wanted to get up right away, so no oral service this time.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Again it was a calm week. Some shopping, some domestic chores, a bit of computer help for my Wife. So I had time to read my paper, a book, playing my iPad, reading blogs etc. all a bit dull.

The only 'adventure' was that our daughter and her husband returned home from their holiday and visited us o Tuesday to pick up the cat. Only the cat thought otherwise and we couldn't catch him.So they went home without the cat. He didn't trust us really. My Wife could stroke him, but always on a distance.
Last Friday morning my Wife could confine him in the living room, not a good place to catch him. Too many hiding places under the couch, the table etc. I had closed all rooms in the rest of the house, so we safely could let him 'escape' to the hall. There was nothing where he could hide himself. It was terrible. He was panicking, tried several doors, but in the end he surrendered and I could fetch him and put him in the cage.
It all happened early in the morning. My Wife immediately took him to the car and drove him to our daughter's house, about 100 km away. She left at 07:15 and returned already 2 hours later.
It is horrible to betray that little bit of trust. I had done it before, therefor he immediately leaves the house when I visit our daughter.

As to the health problems in the family there is no real news. Our brother-in-law has an appointment in the hospital next Thursday about his radiation. My sister is more or less the same. A district nurse is visiting her every 3 days to bandage her legs. I'll visit her tomorrow.

I don't have more to tell.

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Again it was a calm week for me. I hope I'll be able to manage when in September the activities will restart.

Only the health problems of my sister and my brother-in-law caused stress.

As to my brother-in-law the doctors decided he will be treated with radiation. They are very optimistic. He can reckon after the treatment the cancer will be gone. Then he will be examined regularly during 5 years.
After the radiation he also has to be treated for his aorta, but there is no hurry, they told him.
So it is kind of a relief.

My sister couldn't bear the Tramadol painkiller. It started well, but one night she woke up while she was vomiting in bed. Big mess of course. And severe headache too. Another problem was that her bowel movement had stopped completely. Now she got a lower dose Tramadol and stuff to keep her bowels going. Yesterday we visited her and this seems to work better.
Because her legs are very much swollen next week every a nurse will visit her to bandage her legs. A bit more freedom lost. They can't tell at what time this nurse will come, so she has to get up early every day to be ready. I hope it will be temporary.

To end with something good: My Wife this morning took the initiative and wanted me to serve Her orally. She had a very nice and strong orgasm. And that made me so happy. When we were cuddling afterwards She laughed and said She never had expected that an 80 year old man could do that to Her.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Without my usual activities I am getting lazy. I took it very easy this week. Oh well, I visited a tax client to explain a few letters from the tax office and I helped another old lady with her computer. But that was it.
I myself have a computer problem too. BSOD! That doesn't invite me to work on my laptop. Unfortunately I cannot do everything on my iPad.

I sent my problem to a group of computer nerds, who gave me several solutions. Problem is I don't understand most of them. That the problem of getting old.
For many years I am reading a computer magazine, not the heavy stuff, just for the ordinary people. A few years ago I understand everything, but during the years it got more and more difficult for me. Now they gave to tell me step by step what I must do.

Anyway I did my best to carry out some of the instructions. And until now the problem didn't occur, but I thought the same last week too. I hope this time it will stay away.

Yesterday we in Holland had a heavy summer storm. We were lucky almost no damage, but in other parts of the country it was bad. People even were killed and wounded. So I mustn't complain about my computer problem.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


It was in a way a calm week with exception of visits to a podotherapist and my shoe shop. My GP sent me to the podotherapist, because my toes are growing even more out of shape. The therapist wasn't happy with my shoes. He arranged a visit to the supplier of my shoes in the same building a few days later. The therapist was present as well. Together they saw several shortcomings and I had to leave my newest pair of shoes there. Yesterday evening a received them back already. I didn't have time to try them, but I trust it is an improvement.

We are worried about the health of my brother-in-law. He returned home sick from a holiday in France. The doctor sent him to the hospital and they kept him. They gave him medicines etc. and tested his blood, made a scan. After a few days he was sent home. He is feeling rather well. Nevertheless he was told to return to the hospital for more examinations because they had discovered a bad spot on his lung. Next week he has to undergo another scan, a pet scan, and next Thursday they will tell him the results. We are worried, because years ago he had worked with asbestos. So it will be a stressful week for him and my Wife's sister.

My sister also had problems. She had so much pain that she went to her doctor, who only could prescribe a medicine she had used some years ago with bad side effects. He told her it was the only possibility. Yesterday we visited her and she told us that she finally could sleep with that medicine. Although the pain still was there, she could bear it now. She insisted the three of us would have dinner in her favourite Chinese restaurant.

This morning was wonderful. When we woke up we cuddled for some time. Then my Wife went out of bed. She told me to wait. She used the bathroom and returned naked. I could fondle her lovely breasts en She took my balls firmly in her hand. After some time She started to masturbate me and again got the feeling to be on the brink of an orgasm. That was so nice. When I calmed down I could lick her to a nice and strong orgasm. Then we were laying in each other's arms as a very happy couple.