Sunday, 14 September 2014


For us, old people, it was a busy week. Every day there was something in our diary: the usual activities, but also doctor's visit, a gathering of the organisation of elderly people (a very nice photo presentation about the Veluwe, a well known nature area in the Netherlands), a long promised visit to an old friend.

But Friday was empty. I just started to clean my laptop, delete old email messages, old other files etc., when my Wife called me from her museum. She had problems with the museum laptop. I went to the museum and decided to take the laptop home to try the get it working again. Because of the new computer in the museum, the network was changed. I don't know, because I wasn't involved in the purchase and installation of the new computer. Anyway the internet connection was gone, so my Wife couldn't install updates. I spent the rest of the day on that laptop, but in the end it was working correctly. I also had installed the updates. But it took me almost all day.

So I had planned the work on my own laptop yesterday afternoon. In the morning I was shopping. I just wanted to go upstairs after lunch when my brother-in-law entered. We are getting along very well since he and my Wife's sister live only one house away in the same block It was nice to talk with him. When he left I just had time to cook dinner (nasi goreng).

This morning we slept longish. When my Wife woke up we cuddled, laughed and talked. She has such a nice sense of humour. We talked about our approaching anniversary in February. We haven't decided if and how we will celebrate it. But the best part of our conversation was that again She told me She was happy to be married to me. And I kept telling Her I am the lucky guy.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


It was the first normal week after the summer holidays. Our usual activities started again. So almost every day there was something: indoor bowls, bridge (2x), appointment with our dentist, birthday visit, visit to my sister to adjust the new mediabox and my Wife's museum.
My sister was happy with the new mediabox. She again can record and watch her favourite programs. It was clear the the first mediabox wasn't working correctly from the start. Now it is OK.

It must be my age, but every day I was tired. Or perhaps I have to get used again to be active.

There is not much news to tell. The weather is fine. We are enjoying ourselves. My Wife isn't interested in sexual satisfaction obviously. During our marriage She never was very eager, so She isn't needing it. But this morning in bed She told me She was happy to be married to me. So I am happy too.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


This was the last lazy week of the summer. Tomorrow the 'normal' life will resume with indoor bowls, bridge, dentist appointment, visit to our care centre. I am glad. Although I really enjoyed the relaxed lazy summer time, I like the normal pattern of our life better. My Wife too will resume her bike trips with her sister, her work in the museum etc.

The weather last week wasn't very inviting to go out except om Wednesday. My Wife announced She would go out on her bike. As her sister was on holiday I offered to accompany Her. She was pleased and we made a nice trip. I could feel She is really trained by her trips with her sister. I was a bit tired when we got home. We had lunch and my Wife again went out to visit her other sister, another trip of about 30 km to and fro.

I had to visit my sister twice this week to sort out her television problems on Monday and yesterday. I couldn't solve the new problem and after a long phone call with the provider it was clear that the mediabox wasn't functioning. Before I had this 'help' she could watch television, only not record programs or watch already recorded programs. After the help with resetting several times it didn't work at all. They promised to send her a new apparatus. I'll have to install it. This way we keep busy.

My Wife and I did many things together last week, watching recorded movies, biking etc. It was a very nice week to be together and to express our love. She clearly isn't very interested in sexual satisfaction lately. So also this morning we cuddled, we laughed. It was very nice, but She didn't go further. Nevertheless it was so nice. I love Her.

PS I almost forgot to mention I am the lucky winner of PK Corey's new book. It really is very nice to win prize from such fine author. I love her writings and also Sunny Girl's, although I myself ain't involved in a spanking relationship.

Sunday, 24 August 2014


It was a calm week again. I should say a lazy week.
Of course I had my usual chores, but I didn't do much more.
But on Monday I visited my sister to reorganise her computer a bit and to explain how she can make video on her television.
And on Tuesday I visited a former colleague in the board of our local organisation of elderly people. She was a tax consultant too. Due to her worsening health she had to move to a more suitable 50+ apartment in the neighbouring city. She told me that she never wasn't contacted by other members of the organisation. She felt a bit lonely, but was happy with my visit.
For the rest of the week we, my Wife and I, both were 'lazy'. The weather was bad so going out wasn't attractive. I took my time to read my paper from front till the end. We played Wordfeud. We even watch some films I had saved on our DVD player.
It was unusual and my Wife even felt a bit guilty, but we enjoyed it. It was like a little holiday.
In a week our normal life will restart with the usual activities, indoor bowls, bridge, the local museum etc.
This morning we slept long. I was awake, but didn't move too much, as my Wife was still sleeping. When She finally woke up we cuddled for some time until She got up to use the toilet. She told me She wasn't coming back to the bed ad said to follow Her to the attic as She wanted to cut my hair. So I got a lot of physical attention. :)

Sunday, 17 August 2014


It was a calm week. The weather was cool, windy and sometimes (very) wet too. It was nice to take it easy, doing a bit of bookkeeping and other computer work. Time to watch on television the athletics and other stuff. Quite relaxing. Also time to sort a computer problem in my Wife's local museum.

Yesterday it was 41 years since my father passed away. I often think of him. When I meet my cousins, which nowadays only is happening for cremations, the tell me I am my father's look alike. Only he only reached 64 years and I am 15 years older already.

Today my Wife wanted to sleep long, but our daughter's cat, who is staying with us during her vacation, thought otherwise. He was meowing for food. As he is afraid of me, my Wife got up to feed him and returned to bed without clothes. We cuddled. It was so good to feel her lovely body against mine. I was allowed to touch and caress her body everywhere. Finally She wanted to be served orally. She had a lovely orgasm. Then we cuddled more until She wanted to get up.

So our day started better than I had expected. I am a lucky hubby.

Sunday, 10 August 2014


The beginning of the week was rather calm. The weather was strange, lots of rain but also warm. So both my Wife and I took it easy.

On Thursday we received the messages that my sister's apartment was sold. We went to visit her and to celebrate with a dinner in her favourite Chinese restaurant.

Friday the money already was in her bank account. The house agent sent me photos of the energy and water meters. By telephone I could end the contracts for electricity and water. It went smoothly.

So we can close that chapter now. I hope it gives my sister some rest en diminish the tension. She now constantly is in pain and her doctor doesn't know what to prescribe any more. He now will try medicinal cannabis. I hope that will do something well for her.

This afternoon we are invited to a 'party' in a pancake restaurant on the occasion of my sister's elder brother's birthday. It will not be a real party as last year he had a stroke and now his left side is paralysed. He is admitted to the care centre in our village so it is a bit easier to visit him. His children and ex-wife wanted to celebrate nevertheless and take him out. It is difficult as all his life he was very self contained. He very seldom visited his brothers and sisters. Even on their birthdays he stayed away. Now his children want us to visit him. My Wife and I are the only members of the family who stayed in contact with him.

Anyway it is sad to see him in his wheelchair. He is a spitting image of my Wife's and his father who had a stroke too. In spite of his permanent handicap he doesn't want to sell his motorbike. He wants to ride it again, although his doctors have told him it is and will be totally impossible. In other respects he has a normal judgement, but this he can't accept. I suppose it is a way to survive, but it is sad. My Wife always is depressed after visiting him.

I had hope I would be allowed to serve my Wife this morning as the cold sore is over, but She wasn't in the mood. She knows She I am available, when She wants it. In the mean time I try to serve Her in other ways in the household.

Saturday, 2 August 2014


As we have to pay two visits tomorrow I'll probably will have no time for this blog. So I make it a day earlier than usually.

This week I had a strange experience. As always I did the shopping for the household. My Wife had asked me to buy a special brand of shower gel. I didn't forget it. But when it was time to go to bed, She said I forgot to buy her ointment for the cold sore. She was very certain She had told me to buy it, when I left the house. And according to Her I had promised to do so. But I couldn't remember it. I was sure She only mentioned the shower gel. But She said She explicitly had asked me for the ointment. I was sorry I had failed Her and next morning I went out to buy the stuff.

It reminds me of what happened on 30th of April last year, when I had that black out, later by our GP diagnosed as TGA. Then I didn't remember what had happened too, although I had been communicative. And I didn't miss the time gap then.

I hope it will not happen more often. I myself don't notice it. Strange feeling. It make me unsure. I now never.

My Wife and I both made it a calm week. It was too hot and too sultry to do much. The sale of my sister's apartment seems to take place next week, but we only can be sure when everything is settled with the notary.

I hope everyone who is reading this will have a nice weekend. My Wife's cold sore isn't over yet, so I don't expect any sexual activity tomorrow.