Sunday, 25 January 2015


I had a busy week, for an old man at least. I had my normal duties in the household and as a volunteer for the organisation of elderly people.

On Tuesday I attended the yearly extra training for tax helpers of the old people organisations in the tax office. It was clear the rules are more complicated as will be the computer program we have to use.

I had to travel to the supplier of my made to measure shoes. The last pair was pressing my little toe to much. It was a small correction, but it took me almost all afternoon.

My sister visited us also. She gave me an assessment of the municipal taxes 2015 for the apartment she had sold last year. So I had to send an appeal.

My Wife had serious problems with the fairly new computer in the museum. It was sent back to the supplier, but when it returned it had the same problems. The treasurer had email contact with the supplier. They replied the problem could be caused by out of date drivers. In my view they should have checked that themselves when the computer was there. Bad service. I was asked to give it a look. I could find a program that checks and replaces drivers. And indeed the computer seems to work normally now. Of course we don't know for how long. :)

In spite of being busy I took time to read the blogs I follow. I always am amazed in how many relationship spanking is part of it. We never did it and also didn't feel the need for it. But is is so nice to see that spanking can contribute to the happiness of couples.

Next week will be rather busy too with a visit to the film festival and to friends. So we old people keep moving.

Sunday, 18 January 2015


It was a a calm week, but on the other side busy too. I had my usual activities in the household and for the organisation of elderly people. But also there was a meeting of the local tax helpers to discuss the training cases.
On Thursday unexpectedly I was asked to act as the leader in the bridge club, as the real one had to see the cardiologist.

Further, my Wife and I talked about the celebration of our anniversary. We thought about a reception, but we decided to celebrate it with a dinner for our close relatives and friends. We made the reservation last Friday.

And this morning my Wife surprised me to reappear in the bedroom without her pyjamas. It was so nice to feel her soft body against mine. I worshipped her lovely breasts and nipples. After some time I went down to her pussy and tasted her juices. Soon She had a very nice orgasm. Then we cuddled for a long time. She told me She loved feeling my body. She was very relaxed and for a moment fell asleep in my arms. I kept looking at her nice face. When She woke up again She said how much She loved this. I only could agree.

Then we had to get up, as we had promised my sister to visit her. It was a very lovely Sunday morning.

Sunday, 11 January 2015


What a strange week. The terrorist actions in France were terrible. I fear it will be the start of more. Those people will consider it as a big success: three men could hold the whole country in their grip and even become 'martyrs'. I think it is an example for others. Of course I hope I am wrong.
Compared to what the victims, their relatives and the people around had to undergo my own life is so insignificant.

I don't have much to tell. It's normal life again: A few birthdays, the usual activities.

This morning we slept long. My Wife woke up after 09:00 am. I was hoping She would be in the mood for something, but She wasn't. I fear I'll have to wait until the bedroom is less cold.
During breakfast we talked. We agreed we are a happy couple for still being together. "Without you my life would be meaningless.", She said to me. I was moved. I told her I have the same feeling about Her. I hope we will stay together for a long time.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Last days of the year 2014 and the start of 2015.

On Monday the weather was bad and the street conditions were dangerous, especially for old people. So we cancelled indoor bowls. The contest for the club championship now is replaced to tomorrow.

During Monday the conditions got much better and on Tuesday the snow en ice were gone. That was fine, because we had an appointment with my sister to celebrate Christmas and New Year at the same time. She invited us to the Chinese restaurant. She also had invited our daughter C and her husband P. It was a very nice dinner and it was good to have C and P around. The food was good and so was the conversation.

New Year's Eve we stayed at home with the usual guests: 2 friends of my Wife since primary school and the sister-in-law of one of them. Two of the ladies were hard of hearing and the other one had a very soft voice. Nevertheless they enjoyed the evening. My Wife had made lots of snacks and I had bought the traditional oil dumplings in our supermarket. I served coffee, tea and later wine. It was a nice evening and time flew. We had a peaceful evening inside, but outside it sounded like war. When the fireworks almost were over my Wife took the ladies home in our little car, while I cleared the tables and did the washing up. When She returned I poured us a drink and to enjoy the rest we watched a television program I had recorded. It was a nice celebration.

On New Years Day we stayed at home. In the past we visited our relatives, but we decided to take it easy this time.

We also had a very calm day on Friday. I didn't have to shop as my Wife cooked a very nice meal from the left overs.

And yesterday we took it easy too. My Wife's museum was closed. Nevertheless She wanted me to cook dinner. She asked me to make pizza. Of course I did and I was glad She liked it. "You are getting better each time with the pizza.", She told me. That made me happy, of course.

Today we slept long. I couldn't sleep during the night. I fell asleep after 4:30. We woke up at 8:45. After breakfast we went to a former sis-in-law to celebrate her and her friend's birthday.

It was a calm start of the new year. Next week will be busier, when all activities are restarting and I also have to attend a few New Year receptions.

Sunday, 28 December 2014


We had a busy week. At least we think it was busy.

On Christmas Day my sister and our friend (my Wife's friend since 65 years and now considered part of our family) visited us for dinner. My sister usually uses special transport when she is visiting us. But on Christmas Day that surely was crowded, so I told her I would pick her up with our car and bring her back too. She protested it was too much an effort for me, but I told her to listen to her big brother. In the end she did. Dinner was very nice. As we live in a small senior house there is no room to pile up the used plates, cups and dishes. So I did the washing up between the courses. After dinner we had coffee. At about 08:00 pm my sister wanted to go home. So I brought her back. At the same time I took our friend home as the weather was rather bad.
Altogether my Wife and I both were tired in the evening.

The next day we had a family dinner at our friend's. This year she had ordered a cold buffet from a caterer. She had to collect it herself, but at the last moment she got two grandchildren to take care of. Her elder son and his partner were busy moving to another house. So we were asked to pick up the food. That way we were very early there. Later the rest of the family arrived with another grandchild. As we don't have grandchildren ourselves being busy with those three in a relatively small room with toys spread out everywhere, children TV on etc. was quite tiring for us. Nevertheless dinner was nice and the children were behaving well. In the end they all left so it was quiet suddenly. When we got home we had to rest with a stiff drink.

Saturday to our surprise we got snow. In Holland we aren't used to it any more. So 10 cm snow is disrupting life here. We stayed in yesterday and today. Tomorrow life has to go on as usual. I hope the streets will be passable tomorrow for the old member of our indoor bowls club. Otherwise I'll have to cancel it.

Next week the change of the year. I wish all my friends here

See you hopefully again in 2015.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


This week I had several Christmas meetings.

The first one was the gathering of the organisation of elderly people. There was a performance of a male choir conducted and accompanied by a lady. She obviously was a strict leader. They sang beautifully, mostly Christmas songs in several foreign languages. It was nice to meet many members. There was good news too, as there now was a candidate for the vacant position of chairman.

The next one was the Christmas party for the volunteers of our care centres. That was a nice meeting too. I told the coordinator of the volunteers, that I had decided to stop. She asked me if it was OK to keep me as an inactive volunteer. Then she could call me when she needed somebody for incidental administrative jobs. I could refuse.

Apart from the parties and the usual chores it was a calm week. I even had time to look at the on line course for tax volunteers and I completed 2 of the 3 training tasks.

I want to end this post wishing all my blog friends


Sunday, 14 December 2014


The week started as usual.

But this week I had to visit an informative meeting about the future of our care centre. Well, that future isn't good. As a result of decisions of our government it will cease to be a care centre. Next year it will be transformed into a geriatric nursing home. Only very demented people will be admitted. We were told that the present inhabitants could stay for the near future. But the building has to be converted (smaller rooms. more living rooms, practise rooms for physiotherapists etc.) At the moment 11 apartments are not used anymore, but the rebuilding will take place floor by floor. So the present residents will have to move in the building or even to another location. The building at the moment is only 7 years old. The residents, the nurses and other employees and the volunteers are distressed.
The result for old people who now are living in their own house with more and more difficulties is that they will be dependent from their children, neighbours, friends. I know many old people here and their children aren't living nearby or working in a busy job, their friends and relatives are old too and almost in the same position.
The government is very optimistic, but I am more realistic. I fear that many old people will be very lonely.
I was the chairman of the clients council for many years, first in the former building, then in a temporary location and then in the new building. Most residents then were very happy to be allowed to live there. But everything gradually is abolished. For instance there is no personnel available for recreation activities. This now must be organised by volunteers, who now also have to carry out tasks for which they are not qualified.
And this is happening all over the country.

I also had to to do some shopping for my sister. Last Friday I visited her. I could give her some help with her iPad, I installed her new telephone, I printed address stickers for her Christmas cards, which were drafted by my Wife and ordered from a photo service. She was happy with them anyway.

Friday also was the birthday of a blog friend I lost last year. I still miss her. And Friday another wonderful blog friend lost her best friend.

Yesterday was a calm day. My Wife wanted me to cook spaghetti, so that was easy too. When She returned from her museum, we had a nice evening together.

And this morning She surprised me. She got up to use the bathroom and returned in the nude. We cuddled for some time. Then She took hold of my balls in a firm grip. "I hold you. You are mine.", She said. It was wonderful. When She finally let go, I was allowed to caress and kiss her breasts and later her pussy. I ended licking Her to a wonderful orgasm. She smelled so nicely.
Then we cuddled more and She even fell asleep in my arms for a short time.
It was wonderful. I must admit my friends who made comments last week were so right.

I am a happy hubby (when I don't think of all the bad news).