Sunday, 21 December 2014


This week I had several Christmas meetings.

The first one was the gathering of the organisation of elderly people. There was a performance of a male choir conducted and accompanied by a lady. She obviously was a strict leader. They sang beautifully, mostly Christmas songs in several foreign languages. It was nice to meet many members. There was good news too, as there now was a candidate for the vacant position of chairman.

The next one was the Christmas party for the volunteers of our care centres. That was a nice meeting too. I told the coordinator of the volunteers, that I had decided to stop. She asked me if it was OK to keep me as an inactive volunteer. Then she could call me when she needed somebody for incidental administrative jobs. I could refuse.

Apart from the parties and the usual chores it was a calm week. I even had time to look at the on line course for tax volunteers and I completed 2 of the 3 training tasks.

I want to end this post wishing all my blog friends


Sunday, 14 December 2014


The week started as usual.

But this week I had to visit an informative meeting about the future of our care centre. Well, that future isn't good. As a result of decisions of our government it will cease to be a care centre. Next year it will be transformed into a geriatric nursing home. Only very demented people will be admitted. We were told that the present inhabitants could stay for the near future. But the building has to be converted (smaller rooms. more living rooms, practise rooms for physiotherapists etc.) At the moment 11 apartments are not used anymore, but the rebuilding will take place floor by floor. So the present residents will have to move in the building or even to another location. The building at the moment is only 7 years old. The residents, the nurses and other employees and the volunteers are distressed.
The result for old people who now are living in their own house with more and more difficulties is that they will be dependent from their children, neighbours, friends. I know many old people here and their children aren't living nearby or working in a busy job, their friends and relatives are old too and almost in the same position.
The government is very optimistic, but I am more realistic. I fear that many old people will be very lonely.
I was the chairman of the clients council for many years, first in the former building, then in a temporary location and then in the new building. Most residents then were very happy to be allowed to live there. But everything gradually is abolished. For instance there is no personnel available for recreation activities. This now must be organised by volunteers, who now also have to carry out tasks for which they are not qualified.
And this is happening all over the country.

I also had to to do some shopping for my sister. Last Friday I visited her. I could give her some help with her iPad, I installed her new telephone, I printed address stickers for her Christmas cards, which were drafted by my Wife and ordered from a photo service. She was happy with them anyway.

Friday also was the birthday of a blog friend I lost last year. I still miss her. And Friday another wonderful blog friend lost her best friend.

Yesterday was a calm day. My Wife wanted me to cook spaghetti, so that was easy too. When She returned from her museum, we had a nice evening together.

And this morning She surprised me. She got up to use the bathroom and returned in the nude. We cuddled for some time. Then She took hold of my balls in a firm grip. "I hold you. You are mine.", She said. It was wonderful. When She finally let go, I was allowed to caress and kiss her breasts and later her pussy. I ended licking Her to a wonderful orgasm. She smelled so nicely.
Then we cuddled more and She even fell asleep in my arms for a short time.
It was wonderful. I must admit my friends who made comments last week were so right.

I am a happy hubby (when I don't think of all the bad news).

Sunday, 7 December 2014


Again this week went by so quickly. I had my usual activities and chores. But also I had to deal with a tax client, who had a problem with the tax office. He acted as a care taker for a cousin who lived in a care centre. To be able to handle her bank account it was put in both names. I had warned him years ago, that he could get problems, but he didn't listen. Of course I never mentioned that account in my tax return, but this year his return was picked out for an extra screening. Now I have to try to convince the tax office people it is not his money. I hope they will believe me. An extra problem is that my client is hard of hearing and very old.

We also had several visitors and birthdays this week, which was nice but also time consuming.

My Wife needed me in the museum also for a computer problem, which I could solve fortunately.

We both were tired yesterday, so we slept long this morning. Again my Wife obviously wasn't interested in anything sexual. I really doubt, if She ever will want or need it. No problem for me as long as She is happy.

Sunday, 30 November 2014


This week I read a lot about Thanksgiving Day. We in Holland don't have such a holiday. Yet it made me think about what I am thankful for. In no particular order:

- I live in Holland. It certainly isn't perfect, but I don't want to live elsewhere.
- At the moment we don't have financial problems.
- We live in a neat senior house.
- Our children are doing well and we have a fine, loving relationship with them.
- Both my Wife and I are physically and mentally able to make our own decisions.
- Our voluntary work gives us a lot of satisfaction, because we meet so many nice people.
- I found so many kind people and new friends by blogging.

But most important to be thankful for is the love of my Wife and her acceptance of me with all my imperfections and problems.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Perhaps it is the season of the year, but I am feeling old and tired. 

Perhaps it is the situation everywhere in the world and in the Netherlands. Many (old) people who are talking to me are afraid about the future. 

Perhaps I did too much this week. Apart from my usual activities my Wife and I visited my sister. There also was a friend of her, a sculptor who had sculpted the head of my sister's husband with only some photos and my sister's stories. The sculpture is beautiful and the sculptor, a friend of my late uncle, became our friend too. It was a nice visit and dinner. Yet my Wife and I were tired.
Next day I attended a dinner for the volunteers of the organisation for elderly people.

I must accept I cannot do as much as some years ago. So yesterday and today I took it easy.

My Wife was tired too. We slept long this morning. She wasn't in the mood for my service. She is loosing her interest. But fortunately She told me again She is happy with her husband. So I have nothing to complain about.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


I don't have much to blog about. Every day I had my usual chores and activities of course.
Monday I had an appointment with my doctor. (Inflamed toe)
On Tuesday I went to my sister to install the iPad she finally has bought.
And Friday I had to deal with a tax problem.
Quite a dull week. Nevertheless it went by so quickly.
This morning we slept long. I was awake rather early, but my Wife was sleeping so nicely. So I didn't move very much. Finally I had to get up, as we would visit my sister again to help her with her new iPad. So there was no time for cuddling or more.
The visit to my sister went well. She is really happy with the iPad.
The good thing was that during the week my Wife several times told me I am a very fine husband.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Again I had a calm week. More time to watch television.

I was getting more and more irritated by constant requests for money for foundations of diseases. I was told to send money for fight against several diseases, but also to help handicapped children, elderly people, animals, etc. I am sure I am forgetting to mention several others. Usually I don't watch commercials and previews, but this time I didn't want to change the channel. That would have made no difference, I think, because all channels broadcast the same stuff. I also get those requests in my letterbox.
I am sure those foundation have the best intentions, although their managers are earning usually more money per year than I ever had in 4 or 5 years. But when that work really is necessary, then the government should take it's responsibility.

As to our government, while watching television I was constantly confronted with the sad consequences of the cutting in the care for the poor and the old people. It made me angry, especially because they bring it as a step forward. When we now need help we are dependent on the so called 'participating society'. It means for help you have to ask neighbours, friends, relatives. Old, invalid people now aren't admitted to care homes any more. Only very demented people and people like my brother-in-law, who is paralysed for the most part after a cerebral hemorrhage. In our care center of about 5 years many apartments have to stay empty. The patients are unhappy and afraid, the nurses are angry, because they cannot give the care they find necessary, and the volunteers are angry too, as they now have to take over tasks from personnel. Many of them stop now.

Anyway, watching television and reading papers doesn't make you happy. My dear Wife however made me very happy this morning. Yesterday I went to bed, while my Wife wanted to finish the chapter in the book She was reading. I already was asleep when She entered her bed. This morning we woke up and as always on Sunday I turned to Her to lie against her. I discovered She was sleeping totally in the nude. She obviously had been planning to allow me to serve Her. I was happy to oblige of course and She had a fine orgasm.

So the start of this week is great. I will watch television a bit more selectively.