Saturday, 4 July 2015


I'm writing this post already on Saturday afternoon in stead of Sunday.

We are 'enjoying' a heath wave in Holland. In spite of that my Wife is working in the museum a lot this week. The old exposition has to put away. A lot of stuff that was borrowed from clubs and associations has to be returned to the owners and the new exposition has to be prepared.

I followed the advice of the government and kept calm, drank a lot of water etc. I could watch Wimbledon and from today also the Tour de France.

The night are very warm. So I decided to sleep without a cover last nights. As I always sleep naked I could stay nicely cool during the night.

This morning I was dreaming. I dreamt my Wife was toying with my genitals. I couldn't believe it as She hadn't touched me there for a very long time. Then I woke up and it wasn't a dream. She really was playing with my little flaccid penis. When She realised I was awake, She took it in her mouth and sucked. Of course I couldn't have an orgasm, but I experienced a feeling that reminded me of the internal mini orgasms I felt when the impotence started about 20 years ago. It was wonderful and I am so grateful She gave me this.
Then it was my turn to serve Her. I licked and sucked her nipples, played with my fingers in her pussy. At the end I was allowed to serve Her orally and She had a wonderful orgasm.

What a lovely way to wake up.

Sunday, 28 June 2015


Apart from indoor bowls, one tax return and my usual domestic chores it was a quiet week. I took time to read my paper thoroughly and my book. As my sister-in-law was away on holiday, I offered to join my Wife on a trip on our bikes on Friday. She set out a nice trip, not too long for an untrained old man. It was nice to see how much green there is to enjoy, even in our urban region. The weather was nice too, so it was a very pleasant trip.

Every day I did work on my laptop. Yesterday I wanted to look up on my laptop for my wife and it was dead. It seems like the electricity supply isn't working. I hope it is something simple to repair. Otherwise I have to buy a new computer with all troubles of installing programs and transferring data. Fortunately I still can communicate with my iPad, but it is a nuisance.

My brother-in-law returned sick home from his holiday. Suddenly several people in our circle of acquaintances are seriously sick. Of course all 70+ people.

My Wife and I were talking about this this morning in bed, while we were cuddling. We agreed we are lucky to be spared from serious illness until now. I told Her I was lucky to be married to such a lovely Wife. I never make a move to do something sexy. I wait until She gives me kind of a sign it is OK. This morning I couldn't refrain myself and I touched her breasts and caressed her nipples. I expected to be pushed away, but She let me. So I was allowed to serve Her. She told me She liked what I did.
So the day started beautifully.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Another rather calm week. The weather wasn't  very nice, not inviting for a trip on the bike. My Wife was rather busy in her museum, preparing the new exposition. I did the usual shopping and I read my paper, my book. I also tried to remove some old unnecessary files from my computer. That is taking more time than I expected. When you start reading that old stuff so many memories are coming up.

On Friday morning an old friend visited us. When I was a member of the ANBO (Organisation for elderly people) I hired her for the ANBO-activity 'Better moving for the elderly' -I don't know if this is the correct translation-. She was very young then, just 23, but immediately there was a click. She was very successful, paid attention to all participants personally. She made the lessons very interesting, because every week there was a different point of attention: The knees, the neck, the shoulders, the spine etc. That was about 20 years ago. It lasted until she got another job in a hospital and she couldn't combine it any more. But we stayed befriended and we try to see each other once or twice a year. Last Friday she visited us with her two children. It was good to see her again and to notice our relation was still the same. We told each other to stay in touch.

Later in the afternoon I had an appointment with my last tax client of the season. She herself had chosen the date and the time. When I arrived at her home she wasn't there. I waited about 15 minutes and then returned home. I sent her an email to tell her what happened and asked her to contact me for a new appointment. Later she phoned me with lots of excuses. She had completely forgotten our appointment. Now I am asked to visit her next Thursday afternoon.

Yesterday our neighbours celebrated their 50th anniversary with a dinner in a big hotel. It was in fact a family gathering. My Wife and I were the only outsiders. We knew only the happy couple, so it was difficult to talk with others. Nevertheless it was a nice dinner, but we both were tired when we arrived home again.

This morning we visited my sister. She was sleeping better last nights and now also feeling a bit better. I collected her administration, I took the meter reading of the water company. We answered question about the use of her iPad etc. She told us about the visitors she had received last week etc. She always is talking a lot. Yet is was a nice visit.

Talking about better sleep, my Wife did sleep better to this week, only one bad night.

Sunday, 14 June 2015


I don't have much to tell about last week. In fact it was a calm, relaxing week.

My Wife also took it easy. The preparation for the new exposition in the museum about nurseries in the municipality - most of them have disappeared now - is almost done. They got many photos and stories from descendants of the growers. So She could relax too. Unfortunately She still has sleeping problems. She falls asleep easily but will wake up at 4:00 or 4;30 am and cannot fall asleep again.

I finally found time and rest to read. I now almost finished 'The Children Act' by Ian McEwan, a birthday present from our son. I always like his style of writing. There are many more books in our cupboard I want to read. I think it is a nice plan for the summer.

I also need to go on clearing my computer from old and unnecessary stuff. So I'll not be bored, I suppose.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


We had to our measures a rather busy week.

We had our normal activities but every day something extra too. An old friend, a teacher of our children in primary school, visited us. She and I had worked together as volunteers in the care centre too. Several times a year we visit each other to catch up.

We also had two birthday visits to make. For the last one we were expected in the evening.We don't like to go out in the evening any more. So we decided from now on we only make visits during the day.

My sister and brother in law, who stayed abroad for the winter, had returned to Holland. So we invited them for a dinner in a Portuguese restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. It was nice, but tiring also.

This morning we should have slept late, but my Wife  was awake rather early. She isn't sleeping very well lately. She wakes up several times during the night and it is difficult to fall asleep again. So we just cuddled and talked and laughed, but She obviously wasn't in the mood for my sexual lip service. While we were lying together I realised it now is 20 years since my prostate operations. From that time I didn't experience a real orgasm any more, something they didn't tell me beforehand. And soon I was completely impotent. Thinking of this I now am glad my Wife wasn't very fond of 'normal' intercourse, so She at least didn't miss it. I hope She'll soon be in the mood for my services again.

Sunday, 31 May 2015


It was a calm week again. On Monday no indoor bowls as it was a public holiday, Whit Monday. And on Wednesday and Thursday  we played bridge for the last time this season. We will start again on 2nd of September. Many members obviously already were in the vacation mood. The amount of players never was so low. My partner unfortunately was sick. She even was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. After two nights there she was sent home. We hope the medication will work this time.

On Wednesday we went to the birthday party of two of my adopted grandchildren. The twins now already are 7 years old. There was a lot of noise, but the children were happy.
For the rest of the week I only had my usual chores and I even could read the book my Wife had recommended.

Yesterday we visited an exposition of three local artist. We are befriended with one of them. We admired beautiful photos made by a young girl. The hostess exposed a lot of small sculptures. We really liked them very much. Our friend showed pen drawings. He used to paint and to make etchings, but now was converted to pen drawings.He is only a few years younger than me, but he still has a very steady hand.
It was an enjoyable Saturday morning.

And in fact an enjoyable week too.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


The week started without the usual indoor bowls. In stead many members went to the cremation ceremony. It was a sad and beautiful happening. There was nice music, a niece and a nephew made a wonderful speech about their uncle. But his widow was so distressed. She now is a small, pitiful, old lady and she used to be the strong one in their relationship.
I hope she will recover soon.

The rest of the week went by without peculiarities, so I took it easy. So I was lazy and the week was over so quickly.

Tomorrow no bowls again, because it is a public holiday (Whit Monday). And it is the last week of the season for the bridge club.

Perhaps I have more to tell next week.