Sunday, 11 October 2015


I have decided not to hurry any more if I can avoid it. I take more time to rest. Of course I keep my usual activities in house and as a volunteer. I really feel lazy when I am sitting in my chair playing with my iPad or reading my paper (and the blogs of course).

We had think a lot about our diseased friend. In the Netherlands the funeral or cremation is taking place in 4 or 5 days, but in Sweden they have to wait for several formalities. It even can take weeks. My Wife talked to their son, who is living next door and a great help for the lonely husband. They were together for more than 50 years and they especially now they were living in Sweden did everything together. It is difficult for him.

I had to give attention to my sister too. She is getting disabled slowly. A few years ago the neurologist told her she probably will end in a wheelchair because of the neuropathy. And now she also has the initial phase of parkinson. It is sad. She always is in pain too. She isn't complaining.

To end with a more optimistic sound, I can tell, that my Wife and I had a lovely morning. I was awake from 8:00 a.m. She slept until 9:00 a.m. Of course I kept still as I didn't want to disturb Her. When She woke up we cuddled for a long time. I expected She would get up, but in stead She opened up. I took it as an invitation to fondle her lovely breasts. Then I could lick and kiss her pussy till She had a lovely orgasm. I love it, that is clearly all is about her pleasure, as She doesn't touch me in a sexual way. She told me She was happy. I confirmed that we are a really happy couple.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


I had a busy and a sad week.

Friends of my Wife and me (a couple) moved to their son in Sweden about 10 years ago. We stayed friends. They visited us every year and we also went to Sweden several times. There was frequent contact via telephone, email and skype. Her health got bad last winter. She kept coughing. In August the doctors made a scan of her lungs. They didn't anything there, but there was also a piece of her liver visible they didn't trust. So new examinations and then it was clear her liver had a tumour of 10 cm and soon it was clear that there were metastases everywhere. She phoned me to tell the bad news. She was very brave.
This week their son phoned me to tell that her situation was deteriorating fast. He asked me to inform their friends in our village. And one day later (Friday) he phoned again as she died already, on her husband's birthday. I had to call their friends again with the bad news.

It was so fast. A week before my Wife had a long telephone conversation with her.

So we are very sad, although we know it is good she doesn't have to suffer any more. Her husband is very sad of course. Fortunately his son and daughter-in-law are living next door and are supporting him. I am sure he will miss her so much, as they did everything together for many years.

I have nothing else to tell now.

Sunday, 27 September 2015


I am reading several FLR blogs. Most of them involve punishment, pain etc.  Although that never is happening in our relationship, I still consider our relationship as FLR. I always try to please my Wife and do as I am told. Of course I also have a say in everything, but I leave the final decision to her. And we both like it this way. My Wife holds me responsible for administration, finances, taxes etc. Of course I keep Her informed.  And She wants me to do all shopping in (super)markets.

It was for us, old people, a busy week. I had no only the usual chores and activities, but I also had to manage the bridge club as the real manager had to attend a funeral.

On Friday we did shopping for my sister and we visited her. We had lunch in the new restaurant in the building.

Our daughter and her husband went to a play in Rotterdam. They invited us to have dinner with them in a trendy Chinese restaurant in Rotterdam. It was a very nice meeting and dinner was delicious.
When we return home after such events we both are so tired. Then we are happy with our little senior house and our reclining chairs.

This morning we woke up late. We cuddled for some time. Then my Wife got up to use the toilet and She returned to bed naked. I was pleasantly surprised. Soon I was allowed to fondle, caress and lick her lovely breasts. She spread her legs and I could lick and suck her lovely, sweet pussy. I was happy when She had a strong orgasm.
We are thankful to be together in a reasonable health.

Sunday, 20 September 2015


It was a busy week for this old man. I suppose it was a normal week, but to me it was a busy week. I am tired quicker than I used to. So I take it easy. The old people I am working with for the organisation of elderly people (indoor bowls and bridge) were very noisy. I blame the rainy weather we had almost all week.

With my bridge partner I went to visit the old lady who had a stroke a few weeks ago and now is rehabilitating in a nursing home. Although considered everything she is doing well, it makes it clear I mustn't  complain about anything. Her memory is gone partly. She doesn't remember where she is living, her pin code etc. But she does know a lot of other things. When she want to explain something she often can't find the words, but when she is talking freely it goes fine. She can walk behind a walking device (we call it a rollator).

So as I said, I mustn't complain. My Wife however is suffering more than me. Her hands give serious problems, pain and powerlessness. This morning She told me She can't do the little, subtle things anymore or with a lot of trouble and pain. Fortunately She still can work in the garden (her big hobby) and cook lovely meals (her other hobby). I am glad I can help Her by opening bottles and jars, washing up, shopping etc..

When we were talking about these physical problems, It was clear She wasn't in the mood for anything sexual. So perhaps next week.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


It was for me personally an uneventful week. I almost forgot to post today.
Of course I had my usual chores and activities, but I don't want to tell this every week.
But I was reading the blogs I am following.

It made me wonder why I like to read about activities I myself don't like or have the courage for. I like to read about husbands humiliated by their wives or mistresses, cuckolded, punished. I even like to read about men who are dominating women while I have submissive feelings myself.

I can't understand myself.

Sunday, 6 September 2015


This week was almost 'normal'.
On Tuesday and Wednesday the bridge club started the new season. It was very nice to meet many bridge friends again.

We had something extra too. Every year after visiting the Rotterdam Film Festival we tell each other we should go to the cinema more often. Even when we set a date during the last months we decided at the last moment to give it a miss. But last Tuesday afternoon we went to see an exciting Spanish movie, fortunately subtitled. The film won many awards in the Spanish contest. We both enjoyed it very much. And after the movie we went to a nice Turkish restaurant. It was a very enjoyable day.

On Wednesday after bridge I visited my sister. See seems to feel a little bit better.

On Thursday and Friday I was shopping, updating my financial administration, reading blogs etc. So quite relaxing.

Yesterday I had a quiet morning. In the afternoon I prepared dinner, as my Wife was in the museum, where the new exposition was opened. When preparing dinner was done, I went to the museum. There I met many interested people. We had a nice evening together watching TV. My Wife wanted to see more, so I started two recorded programs. It was rather late, when we went to bed (01:45 am). I expected that it was too late for some activity in the morning.

We woke up at the usual time. We cuddled for a long time. Then unexpectedly her hand moved to my little penis and sack. She held them firmly, while I could caress and suck her breasts. When I felt her pussy, it was very wet, so I got down on Her and licked Her to a very nice orgasm. After some time We cuddled again and She for a short time fell asleep in my arms. It was wonderful. I am so happy we still have each other.
We are a very lucky and happy couple.

Sunday, 30 August 2015


My last calm week. Only my household chores. For the rest I was lazy again. 

My Wife was busy in her museum arranging the last things for the new exposition. She asked me to go with Her to a presentation about the photo program She is using.  It was interesting and maybe I can help Her when the new version will arrive.

And yesterday we wanted to visit her former boss of many years ago. She an I are still befriended with him. His partner celebrated her 65th birthday yesterday and we were invited. Unfortunately we got in a very lengthy traffic jam. As inexperienced drivers on Saturdays, the day many road works are taking place, we hadn't checked if our route was infected. But it was and also there had been an accident. All together it was more than an hour and we were sent to another, much longer route. So my Wife decided to go home. It was a long trip to nowhere. Fortunately I had prepared dinner, so I could serve it soon to my Wife.

Several friends and acquaintances in our age group are seriously ill. It makes us think and also be thankful for being together in reasonable health.

After the busy week for my Wife She was still tired when we woke up this morning. She wasn't in the mood for my sexual service. As I love her orgasms, I am hoping for next Sunday.