Sunday, 22 November 2015


To write this post I checked my diary.  I just saw the usual activities and a visit to my sister, during which we had a nice dinner in the restaurant in the building.
So not much happened really and yet my days were full. I realise I am getting very slow. I hear the same from my fellow members if the bridge and indoor bowls club. We are a bunch of old and slow people.

The continuation of those activities seems to be sure now in a new local union. So that's good news.

Our day this morning started very nice again. We woke up a bit late. My Wife got up to use the toilet and returned to bed naked. We cuddled and after some time I was allowed to caress and fondle her lovely breasts. When She got excited I She spread her legs and I could finger her lovely pussy. Then I discovered She had shaved it. When I got down between her legs I licked and sucked her lovely, bold and juicy pussy until She had a fine orgasm. We cuddled again for a long time. Of course I told Her that I love Her and that She is making me a very happy husband.

Sunday, 15 November 2015


What a week it was. I can't forget the awful attacks on innocent people in Paris. How can we protect ourselves against those religious fanatics.

In our private life we were mourning about the death of a volunteer in my Wife's museum. She died last Sunday from non-Hodgkin. She was a remarkable lady, strong and witty. Only a few weeks ago I visited her to reset her computer. Last Thursday was the cremation. It was a beautiful and moving ceremony.

There are many people around here with colds and flu complaints. The weather is very nasty too.

As I don't have real news, I am keeping this post a short one.

Sunday, 8 November 2015


It was actually a calm week. Of course there was a lot of talking about the ANBO. People want me to decide if they stay as a member or leave. I keep telling them the consequences when they leave, but in the end it is their own decision.
The tax helpers together have decided to help their clients, even when the are quitting the ANBO. Most of the tax helpers are leaving themselves by the way. I am staying. I want the help, if necessary, of the tax service.
Most members of indoor bowls and bridge club are willing to join a new local organisation, that can organise the usual local ANBO activities.
I'll be glad when the situation is clear. It now keep my mind busy.

This morning we will visit my sister, who has a computer problem. I hope I can solve it.
She is in a bad shape healthwise. She is suffering from probably a bursa inflammation, which causes very much pain in her arm. She has an appoinment with her GP tomorrow. As usual she waited way too long to make this appointment.

After that visi we will visit our daughter for a late celebration if her birthday.

So it will be a busy day.

Fortunately I can end this post in an optimistic way. This morning I was allowed to cuddle with my Wife and lick Her to a very nice orgasm. So my day is top.��

Sunday, 1 November 2015


It was a very busy week again.
Apart from my usual household chores and my voluntary work, the ANBO situation had to be explained constantly.

Last Tuesday I was phoned by a communication lady in connection with the email I had sent them. She kept telling me how necessary it all was and how it was in the interest of the members. She had no real answer to my objections. She only could repeat what she said earlier.
Anyway I thing the local branches in fact will be abolished and they are just the basis of the ANBO. Members know the members of the board. For contact they now are supposed to phone a regional office. That isn't going to work.
We cannot continue our activities as ANBO, because many members are leaving and we (the leaders of indoor bowls and bridge) are confronted with a lot of extra administration.

So it is a nasty situation. Also my tax work is in danger. Officially I only can do it only for members of the organisation. Tomorrow the tax helpers are invited for a meeting to talk about this

On Thursday a member of indoor bowls and I visited a member who had a heart operation end August and now still is in a care hotel for rehabilitation. Hopefully she can go home next week. In the evening my Wife and I attended the anniversary dinner of her sister and husband, also 50 years. It was nice to meet some people again.

On Friday we had to go to my sister. She had a dinner with a friend, a sculptor/painter, and she wanted us to be present too. We had an Indonesian rice table, very nice. It was a nice evening.
But when we were home again we both were exhausted. We can't do all those thing  in one week.

Yesterday She had a very busy and long afternoon in the museum. We both still were very tired. Because of that She wasn't in the mood for my 'service' this morning. At least I hope that is the reason. The other possibility is that it isn't as pleasurable for Her as I hope.
Anyway, a new month, new chances.

Sunday, 25 October 2015


The ANBO, the organisation of elderly people I am working for as a volunteer, is reorganising. A month ago the national head office, decided to block the local bank accounts, the local website and the member administration. Our local board couldn't do anything suddenly.
The reorganisation means that all activities have to be organised by individual members. The head office promises to support those activities. In the press they say that the local boards just are sticking to their chairs, which is in our municipality not true.
When I will organise indoor bowls next year, I have to write a plan and send it to the head office. When they consent, I must make the bills for the participants, until now a task if our board. The participants have to pay to the head office. The head office will send me a debit card with the budget to pay the costs for indoor bowls.
For the bridge club the same procedure.
And you must know that those activities, of which the head office says that they are old fashioned, are fully paid by the participants.
We now are examining the possibilities to carry out those activities outside the ANBO.
The old system was working perfectly, but now we are robbed from our local independence. I think many members will leave the organisation.
It is a sad story for many people who worked for years as volunteers for the organisation and now are put aside. I fear I'll have to give up my membership too.
I was rather busy with this situation, phone calls, meetings, emails etc.

Fortunately there was something good this week too. Last Thursday my sister celebrated her 79th birthday. My Wife made a nice trip with her to the seaside, a p,ace my sister often visited with her late husband. They had a nice day. When I returned home late in the afternoon, we had a birthday drink together. Then we went to the nice restaurant of our nephew. We had a lovely dinner. Then we took my sister home again. She kept telling us she had a wonderful birthday.

Due to the change to winter time we could sleep long, but my Wife was awake very early. I woke up too. We cuddled for a short time and then my Wife decided it was time to get up. She wasn't in for sex obviously. I think the pleasure I can give Her isn't as pleasurable as we both want. Anyway She never must let me do anything just to please me. For me it is about her pleasure.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


I am tired after a busy week. I had the usual activities (Monday indoor bowls, Wednesday bridge) and chores.
On Tuesday a visit to the lady who had a brain infarct. She was glad. Later we had dinner with my sister in the Chinese restaurant.
On Thursday I had to skip bridge, because I had to attend a meeting of the tax service.
Yesterday afternoon there was a concert of a jazz band, organised by the organisation of elderly people. I cooked dinner for three, as our daughter was visiting us to see the exposition in my Wife's museum.
And this morning I got an email from my sister. She had a computer problem that she didn't describe clearly, so I went there and solved the problem with one mouse tick.
And now I am home, tired.

Sunday, 11 October 2015


I have decided not to hurry any more if I can avoid it. I take more time to rest. Of course I keep my usual activities in house and as a volunteer. I really feel lazy when I am sitting in my chair playing with my iPad or reading my paper (and the blogs of course).

We had think a lot about our diseased friend. In the Netherlands the funeral or cremation is taking place in 4 or 5 days, but in Sweden they have to wait for several formalities. It even can take weeks. My Wife talked to their son, who is living next door and a great help for the lonely husband. They were together for more than 50 years and they especially now they were living in Sweden did everything together. It is difficult for him.

I had to give attention to my sister too. She is getting disabled slowly. A few years ago the neurologist told her she probably will end in a wheelchair because of the neuropathy. And now she also has the initial phase of parkinson. It is sad. She always is in pain too. She isn't complaining.

To end with a more optimistic sound, I can tell, that my Wife and I had a lovely morning. I was awake from 8:00 a.m. She slept until 9:00 a.m. Of course I kept still as I didn't want to disturb Her. When She woke up we cuddled for a long time. I expected She would get up, but in stead She opened up. I took it as an invitation to fondle her lovely breasts. Then I could lick and kiss her pussy till She had a lovely orgasm. I love it, that is clearly all is about her pleasure, as She doesn't touch me in a sexual way. She told me She was happy. I confirmed that we are a really happy couple.